Sunday, 1 February 2009

Opinonion: Some Final Thoughts on Those Homosexuals

Those 'gays' have been given an easy ride for far too long. Britain has been all too accomodating to homosexuals since 1967 when poovery was legalised, and we have bent over backwards to allow their deviant ways ever since - letting them ride in the same sections of buses as straight people, dine in our restaurants and even allowing them to do the same kind of jobs that normal folk do.

Nowadays, we are forced by the liberal thought police stasi to say that we think homosexuality is a good thing, and if we do not, then we are labelled 'homophobes'. Absurdly, we are expected not just to say, but to think, that homosexual couples are equal in all ways to real married couples, even though the vast majority of evidence suggests that they are in fact less faithful, more likely to take drugs, and care less about traditional values like having a nice nuclear family. Disgracefully, we are compelled to agree with government dictat that homosexual couples are just as capable of bringing up children as the children's own grandparents, even though everyone knows that most homosexuals harbour dangerous 'tendancies' towards young boys.

No longer is the common, perfectly reasonable view that homosexuals are morally bankrupt, HIV-spreading, sub-human libertines acceptable. No longer are we allowed to voice our thoughts, that doubtless everyone shares, for fear of losing our jobs or being labelled intolerant. Only the truly fearless can stand up against the tyranny of the homosexual lobby; brave heroes like Peter Hitchens have unfortunately become few and far between as Orwell's dystopia creeps ever closer to becoming a reality. Don't worry though, for such selfless oracles as Hitchens have developed clever ways of deflecting the vile accusations hurled against him - men such as he fight the methods of the thought police with aptitude and aplomb.

You think I exaggerate the power and fury of these forces? The totalitarian rage on this subject is quite astonishing. The unelected militant representatives of the homosexual doctrine suppress all who oppose it, while seeking to ensure that the sticky tentacles of poovery encroach into every corner of our lives. We can't even call homosexuals 'homosexuals' any more. This neutral word is not considered enthusiastic enough. We have to say 'gay'. Which is exactly why I don't, apart from in inverted commas.

The 'gay' rights regime reached its zenith - or should it be nadir? - last week, as it was deemed perfectly acceptable, despite the outrage of many a balanced and progressive columnist, for two homosexuals to literally steal two young children from their mother and loving grandparents.

First, the mother of the children ends up as a drug abuser, like so many others in a country which permits the endless promotion of drug use by rock stars and refuses to punish the possession of narcotics, the only measure that would work. It's not her fault, of course, and thus she should not be punished for lifestyle choices chosen not by her but for her, by the state. Tragically, the father of one of the children died, probably in an heroic act of bravery, saving small animals from a fire, while the father of the second child ended up a drug addicted schizophrenic. Again, he cannot be blamed for this sad fate, and should not be held accountable for his actions, or punished by being banned by totalitarian government forces from seeing his beloved children.

Then, when the grandparents, who, having struggled to maintain their loving family unit by not just staying in contact with their daughter, but no doubt providing her money and accommodation to battler her state-induced addictions, sought to look after her children after they were cruelly and inexplicably snatched from her by the local liberal council, they are insultingly told that they are too old. Equally absurdly, it was deemed that their inconsequential illnesses - angina and diabetes - meant that, in the jargon of the social services Nazis, they would not be able to provide a 'sufficient level of care' to the innocent brother and sister.

The final staggering blow came when the grandparents were informed that the children are to be put into the care of a vicious, amoral homosexual couple. They are warned in the most terrifying terms that if they object to this arrangement they will never see their grandchildren again, like a Guantanamo Bay prison guard threatening a prisoner.

This is the action of a tyranny in operation, especially the use of children to blackmail their parents and grandparents. People who can do this can do anything. And when it is in the name of protecting the 'rights' of a depraved, unfortunately vocal minority who have enjoyed privelidge after privelidge for hundreds of years, it truly is a sign that the end is nigh.

All thanks to those fucking queerbags.


  1. If random Hitchens' articles were put in the Onion from time to time, without his name being attached, would anyone know the difference?

  2. It does make you wonder though all these articles from daily mail columnists how they would handle their children being gay.

    Suggesting that a gay couple are not good enough (because there is no woman) to bring up children is a slap in the face too all single fathers out there.

  3. It's clear that this is all the fault of the bloody communists, what do they think we are-- A FREE COUNTRY? Where everyone should be equal? How ridiculous...

  4. Pfft, equality? How is that fair to those who are better than everyone else? Like Peter Hitchens?

    Silly commie doctrines.