Monday, 11 January 2010

The Daily Mail: like a drunk, leering step-uncle, only less tasteful

15 year old tennis pre-strumpet Laura Robson is almost certainly having an affair with Andy 'I'm Andy Murray' Murray, the smoulderingly anonymous Daily Mail Reporter has revealed.

'I've got an eye for this sort of thing', the mysterious hack wheezed last night after studying almost two photographs that explicitly - and conclusively - show the jailbait star pointing her face at the 22 year old UK ace and exposing her teeth in a look that experts have described as 'not in the least bit suggestive'.

Robson has been known to wear short skirts on court and is thus quite probably 'well up for it', say insiders.

The scintillating news comes only days either before or after (we didn't check) raven haired but disappointingly elderly filmvixen Megan Fox didn't get up close and steamy with Hollywood centenarian Mickey Rourke in a series of revealing photographs snapped by the very same Daily Mail Reporter.

Speaking from his tree-top spy house, the sweaty Reporteur told us: 'Clearly they're just filming a movie in which they kiss and stuff and only a simpleton would consider that even remotely newsworthy but you have to suspend your disbelief with this sort of thing. I mean, she's 23 and he's 57. See what I mean? Yeah. I've got an eye for it.'

However, Daily Mail Reporter's estranged wife Liz Jones warned that huge age differences are not always a sign of true lust and legally questionable sexual intrigue, reminding readers that it's only cool for old men to romance much, much younger ladies, not the other way round.

In an excruciating 834 words on the subject that amusingly contained the phrases 'cavernous depths' and 'cougarous prediliction'*, Jones said that although she once married a man 15 years her junior, other women who take younger men for lovers, like Iris Robinson, are depraved cradle snatchers who probably deserve their mental breakdown and subsequent suicide attempts.

To research her stunning thesis on cognitive dissonances in age disparity and gender, Jones watched the 2009 film 'It's Complicated', starring Meryl Streep, and also read at least half a book about a female teacher who embarks on an affair with a 15-year-old pupil, which, she says, 'gets perilously close** to the crux of the matter.'

A local man said: 'Reading the Daily Mail makes me feel all dirty, and not in a good way.'

* Liz Jones is an actual journalist who gets paid to write words.

** Seriously. 'Perilously close'? Remember, she probably got paid more for those two nonsensical words than you'll earn today.


  1. Liz Jones is clearly a lesbian and has obviously never had an orgasm. I feel sorry for the men that have had to poke her!!

  2. *vomit*

    Having said that, at least the comments on the piece are going:

    "WTF! Way are you writing pervy pieces on a child?"

  3. Of course let's not forget their downright weird obsession with Tom Cruise's kid. A quick search for 'suri cruise' on the Mail's site reveals a mere 345 articles...

  4. By the way guys, ArsTechnica is currently mentioning The Mail in their article titled 'Why is the news media comfortable with lying about science?' Bad Science fans (and anyone who thinks the Mail are a bunch of cheeky fibbers) should go have a read and post their thoughts for the benefits of the mainly American audience. MMR, planet-destroying Hadron colliders and the Mail's oncology ontology are all worth a mention!