Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Top Ten Adverts For My Own Affiliate Store

When it comes to writing blog posts I always enjoy churning out lists. They take seconds to write and yet readers still lap them up like kittens at a saucer of milk. Little do they know that the milk is way past its sell by date and has started to curdle - Ha! silly kittens.

I've recently discovered something even better than plain old lists though: lists containing nothing but links to my Amazon store. They're just fab. See, it looks like I'm just doing another innocent list post but really I'm selling you stuff on which I get paid commission. And you probably didn't even realise! Isn't that fun?

[insert a bit of conversational padding here]

So without further ado, here's my Top Ten Super Brilliant Books to BUY RIGHT NOW FROM MY STORE:

1. Flat Earth News by Nick Davies
A ripping yarn about a journal-jism. I got this book for Winterval even though I usually ask for
picture books. It has quite a lot of words, but it's still good. BUY BUY BUY

2. Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
A clever person book by scientician Ben Goldacre. Centres around brilliance of science reporting in the media. Absolutely stat-tastic. PLEASE BUY IT FROM MY STORE

3. In the Loop by Armando Iannucci
Left wing s
houtmonger Malcolm Tucker goes to Washinton but doesn't reckon on the opposition of the yanks. Spin off off of the brilliant BBC1 comedy 'The Thick of It'. YOU CAN BUY THIS HERE TO GIVE ME MONEY

4. Dawn of the Dumb by Charlie Brooker
I can't be bothered to even pretend that I'm doing this for any other reason than to make some post-Xmas money, so here's the blurb from Amazon: 'Polite, pensive, mature, reserved ...Charlie Brooker is none of these things and less. Rude, unhinged, outrageous, and above all funny, "Dawn of the Dumb" is essential reading for anyone with a brain and a spinal cord. And hands for turning the pages.' GO TO MY AMAZON SHOP AND BUY THIS FROM THERE, NOT THE MAIN SITE, PLEASE

5. Media Control by Noam Chomsky
I haven't actually read this but it's probably quite good. Media studies students are told to read Noam Chomsky and they know where it's at. This book is only 50 pages long which is nice. It's seeringly honest. BUY IT NOW PLEASE, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THIS LINK TO BUY IT, DON'T SEARCH FOR IT OR BUY IT FROM WATERSTONES OR I WON'T GET ANY MONEY OK, SO CLICK HERE WHERE THE BLUE UNDERLINED WORDS ARE, THANKS

Ok, I know I said it was a top ten list but I got so bored writing this that my face started to melt.

So, er, now I need to pretend that this is an actual blog post about something and not just an excuse to print loads of adverts...ooh, this is a bit awkward, um...ah! yes, of course -

So what are your favourite books about journalism and media and things? Do tell me in the comments; I'm not just here to sell you stuff you know!

P.S.Do you know anyone who needs an internet pundit to speak at a function? I'm always available at a low, low price. Also do birthdays, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.


  1. More tips for your shop :

    Anything by Mike Davis - Planet of Slums & Late Victorian Holocausts are the one's I've read

    Michael Pollan -

    Jared Diamond,

    I'll stop now :)

  2. You should also add The Tiger That Isn't by Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot to your shop.

  3. Chomsky?

    Are you sure you're not a Commie Fag?

  4. Was getting a couple of these anyway, happy to buy from you, so long as the Quail keeps updating.

  5. Aw, thanks Kris. You've just bought another couple of weeks worth of updates...