Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Super sexy misogyny special

So many women, so little time!

Do you ever find there just aren't enough hours in the day to judge, condemn, snipe and sneer at all the women you see in the papers and on TV? We do, so without further ado, let's get misogynistic! As an added bonus, please enjoy Olivia Newton-John's seminal 1981 classic 'Let's Get Physical' while you peruse the hot lady action.

First up, here's a nubile young thing - not too fat, not too thin - in her pants. Look at those curves: nice! After you've wiped yourself off, shake your head as you slag off her tattoos. I wouldn't let my daughter defile her own body like that - would you? Tell yourself that by criticising her tats you haven't really just been staring at a mostly naked 22 year old for no good reason.


Just how does Cheryl get her hair looking so good? What's her secret? You'll never guess...

Hair products! What a fake. And did you know she's Northern? Yes, it's a shame.


Lady GaGa fell over on stage. HAHAHAHAHAHA! She fell. Over. On stage! Women are so clumsy! Oh, and by the way here she is with a man's elbow touching her crotch. Mmmm, isn't it?


Eurgh, look at this foul thing smoking a cigarette. So unattractive. And look, she's a bit wrinkly too, probably the fags. It's not the same as pipes for us boys, the ladies love that musky aroma. No, let's be clear: women smoking is just plain offputting. Who is Hannah Waterman anyway? Ah, who cares.


Oh, Leona. You showed such promise. Great voice, nice hair, an acceptable body weight. We felt bad when that chap punched you, but now you've gone and worn a bloody see-through black top that shows your white bra when our photographer's megawatt flash goes off in your face, we see our sorrow was misplaced. You're breaking our fashion rules, hussy.

Who's next? Woohoo, it's Britney!

So obviously Britney was attractive when she was young, then she went fat and bonkers, and now she's doing her best to look nice again. Here she is in some skimpy clothes. There isn't really a story here, but it is a rather wonderful opportunity to laugh at how rubbish she is, while looking at her breasts:

'the singer was heavily criticised by fans and local media after she apparently lip-synched her way through the concerts.' Teehee!

'Tickets for her show were put on eBay with starting prices as low as 55p, with top-price tickets valued at £90 going for as little as £14.' Chuckle! Failure.

'Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper said that performances there saw fans walk out early in disgust at a lacklustre performance' Guffaw! Still, nice tits you washed-up nutcase.

Right, one more.

This supermodel died after having plastic surgery on her 'buttocks'. She's dead, but that won't stop us printing a shot of her in the shortest dress we could find. Anyway, let's leave it to the commenters to sum up this tragic death:

'Well, she certainly won't be the envy of everyone now and I truly hope these pathetic people will stop playing with nature. This is all for the sake of vanity and we all know what we see isn't the 'real' person anyway' Quite. Not so vain now, is she? Ha.

'Silly woman! any operation carries a risk however do you tell her children mummy died because she wanted a firmer behind? What price vanity eh?' What price vanity, indeed, Eddy from Oldham. Good question.

Well, death, it seems. Says so in the article.

'stupid silly girl. now her darling twins are motherless...'

For heavens sake, why didn't she think of that BEFORE SHE DIED?!



  1. god how horrible. what is it with daily mail readers being so insensitive to people dying.
    maybe she wanted a "firmer behind" because daily mail style women hating cocks put so much pressure on women when they don't have firm behinds.


  2. People working in the daily mail, are such confused souls the poor things. I pity them.

    They're mentality goes along the lines of;

    "Women nowadays feel pressurised and are worried about their physical appearance.I wonder why?--Corr! Look at her conkers. Let's print it!"

  3. Blogger seems to be having a problem with comments at the moment, apologies if they're not appearing properly.

    Probably something to do with 'elf 'n' bleedin' safety.

  4. I don't know what's wrong with the comments. I try and post something meaningful, but then when it's published it just comes out as CORRRR!


  5. Sir,

    Your most excellent sister publication has bravely exposed the story of a 17-year-old who got a tattoo. Of course, the piece DEMANDED a close-up and they didn't FORCE her to get it inked onto her chest...

    We're doomed, aren't we.

  6. I am old enough to remember the Daily Mail's regular 'Mutton' feature, where any well-known lady over 35 who went out wearing something other than a potato sack and a paper bag over her head was castigated for being an over-the-hill trollop. Anyone also remember 'Not So Absolutely Fabulous Now!!!' pics of Joanna Lumley going to the garden centre while not dressed in Bruce Oldfield?

    Who'd join me in a vote to get a load of Page 3 type pics of blubbery picture editors and hairy-arsed story-editors so we can appraise them?

  7. Count me in. I reckon Quentin Letts would win each week.

  8. was leona's top actually see-through? there have been one or two times that i've gone out with a white bra under a black top and thought it wouldnt show through, but when people took photos with a bright flash, the bra became visible in the photos.