Monday, 14 December 2009

Daily Mail readers condemn barbaric treatment of Somali adulterer

A 48 year old Somali man was put to death by stoning yesterday after being convicted by a militant insurgant group of adultery.

The Jihadist faction - known as Hizbul Islam - also shot dead another man accused of murder.

Daily Mail readers reacted with fury at the barbaric executions and defended the two men's right to fair trial and human rights expressed concern that brown people like them might come over here and take our things.

Moron 'srb' from St. Leonards seemed to confuse Hizbul Islam with Al Qaeda, and Sharia law with insurgency, and saw the incident as supportive of Tony Blair's wars on terror:

scum. this is what we're fighting against in afghanistan and iraq. don't like the war, wait until there's a sharia court in basingstoke and see how you like that.

Steve Lee, an idiot from London, uncovered a previously unknown plot to provide members of Hizbul Islam with British passports:

Apparently if you give these kind of men British passports they instantly become civilized and law abiding and there no link whatsoever between immigration from barbaric, primitive societies and the explosion in violent crime in this country has seen over the last 40 years.
Steve told the Quail: 'All the same, innit, these Sumatrians. I mean, obviously, I wouldn't mind seeing the poor fella who was stoned to death given refuge in our country, but you can't go letting these people in because they're all barbarians. What?'

Meanwhile, 'skint', a cretin from 'Broken Britain' worded this:

And all the while they keep flooding into Britain, as I type this, another family of Somalis is moving in down the road.

Thanks Gordon, brilliant job you`ve done.
A statement from 'skint's' spokesman said: 'Skint recognises the fallacy of condemning an entire country's population due to the actions of an extremist cell, and is aware of the hypocrisy of also condemning the rights of the victims of the aforementioned extremist cell to claim asylum in Britain lest they suffer the very same cruel and barbaric punishment that has so vexed Skint in the first place, but he simply doesn't give a shit.'

John, an imbecile, used his powers of observation to profess thusly:

I notice the non-masked 'man' in the stoning photo seems to be smiling. And our British traditions are to be abandonded in favour of this? Do NOT vote for more of the LibLabCon treachery. We really have to take our country back.
John's wife said yesterday: 'Oh no, he hasn't been commenting again has he? He get's like this after a couple of bottles of whiskey, says that Somalian insurgent lizard men are sitting in the House of Lords and starts shouting about "the great treachery" led by the Prince of Darkness. He's been banned from Wetherspoons for upsetting the alcoholics, now he just spends the day reading The Mail.'


  1. Look, before we start getting our panties in a bunch about stoning people to death, we need to ascertain whether it's being done with sharp pointy rocks and the general debris specifically gathered for the task (in which case it's outrageous), or the smooth shale you find in these parts of the world, which after all is only a soft stratified sedimentary rock formed from consolidated mud or clay, so wouldn't hurt as much when thrown at you.

    Indeed, I took the liberty of asking my local Imam if he thought Sharia Law would ever come into force here, and he was unequivocal: "only in the reign of Queen Dick."

  2. Look, it does not matter whether the rocks were pointy or not, what matters is that if we keep allowing unchecked immigration then this is going to become the common punishment for (innocent hard-working indigenous folk) getting nabbed by a speed camera IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT'LL HAPPEN!!

    Cunts. Cunts. CUNTS.

  3. I thought the Daily Mail would have been all for this kind of thing. I mean, it's pretty clearly laid out in Leviticus, chapter 20. Our refusal to stone adulterers to death is just another way in which our good Christian society is becoming diluted. Surely.

  4. Um.. so the Daily Mail (the newspaper not Mail online) has a circulation of around 2.2 million people. And you are telling me that the views of three nutters who posted comments on Mail Online (so they didn't even have to go out and pay their 50p to read it) are representative of DM readership. Wow! that's quite an extrapolation.

    Incidentally I was just wondering why anyone who had already paid 50p to buy the DM would then re-read it on-line. Or could it be that Mail online attracts a completely different following from the hard copy newspaper.

    Oh and I'd be ever so grateful if you could point me towards a free online news service that doesn't have a healthy population of nutters and extremists as contributors, because I haven't found one yet.

  5. I have a feeling Anon II might just be one of *them*

  6. I may indeed be one of *them*. It rather depends on who or what *them* are.

    I'm cetainly one of *them* that recognises the fallacy of condemning an entire section of the population due to the reactionary views of a few extremists (who may not even be part of the aforementioned population)and who is aware of the hypocrisy of criticising misleading news stories in at article that is itself mis-leading, under-researched and not nearly funny enough (though it has its moments)

  7. We have to stop the immigrants from changing our culture. If they want to stone themselves, they should not bring their customs over here. Soon they will want to stone our women for drinking alcohol in a sharia court. Muslims and political correct New Labour want sharia lore by the back door. Its madness. They come here. They take our jobs. When will they understand. Its OUR stones?.

  8. Anon II - the commenters may be "extremist" but their views are reflected and enforced in the editorial of the paper itself. the mail reports on immigration and scare stories which often have very tenuous links to fact. it s the editorial which is the major problem, the editorial which fuels the comments.

  9. Look, we're all forgetting that these people getting stoned all live in free countries and actually elect to get stoned: indeed, they do it each week, so it must be a popular pastime where they come from - so why should we stick our noses in? It's political correctness gone mad!

  10. Merry Christmas and other such bollocks to you D. Quail.


  11. Fantastic article, really gives me hope that the whole country isnt full of complete idiots. Unfortunatly the daily mail and the sun are the most read papers in the country, any ideas of which country i can move to??