Thursday, 19 November 2009

Poles Apart: Go and see it, say experts

Openly thespian blogger and comment paladin Daniel "Hoffman" Gill is bringing his new acting perfomance show to the frighteningly multicultural streets of London next week.

'Poles Apart' tells the story of Hoggman-Fill and his man-friend Mark's admirable crusade to reverse the ceaseless influx of Polish immigrants to British shores by emigrating to the heart of darkness itself, Warsaw.

Say the pair of ne'er-do-wells:

Officially 600,000 Polish people have come to Britain to seek work since 2004. Two British lads (Dan & Mark) are reversing the trend and trying to get work in Warsaw. Poles Apart is their story.

This unique show about a 2000 mile adventure from the U.K to Poland following the journey thousands of Polish people have made over the last 70 years. Poles Apart is the story of two nations who have fought together, worked together and now live together.

A local man said: 'It's about time somebody stood up for something and made a stand against things. It's gone too far. Perhaps this show will make everything alright again, like how it was in the 17th Century and that. I stand with Dan and Mark in their stand against wrongness.'

The play is said to contain several (presumably positive) references to The Daily Mail, and a musical number by an eye-patched, mandolin-plucking Nick Griffin entitled 'I'm not racist but...'

There follows a videographic mini-documentary of the making of Poles Apart:

The show is on at The Lowry in Manchester on the 26th November at 7:45pm and the RichMix theatre in London on Friday the 27th and Saturday 28th November at 7:30pm.

A recent study found that buying tickets to Poles Apart prevented swine flu and the MMR jab in up to a certain percentage of cases.

See you there!


  1. You're legend in human form D. Quail, all the breast to you and yours.

  2. TICKETS SOLD OUT SAY PUNTERS [is this right? -ed.]

  3. I'm waiting for the follow up story - 'Actor murdered on stage by simian online stalker'.

    Mind the floating red dots, break a leg!

  4. Vicky:

    Nearly in Manchester yes but not London by some distance so please come.


    That made me laugh comrade, luckily for me most web stalkers are too busy ranting on their PCs and lack courage for face to face banter.