Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A.N. Wilson: These proud titans of truth will destroy us all

Appropriately named Professor David Nutt, who was chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, was finally sacked last week for saying things the the Government - and more importantly, the Daily Mail - did not agree with. He hissed that alcohol and tobacco were more dangerous than the murderous devil weed cannabis, and that riding ponies was more of a risk to your health than stuffing your face with ecstasy and washing it down with Vodka.

What Nutt wanted to do was to dictate "evidence" based "research" to the Government, blinding them with "facts" too distasteful to be true. His pernicious brand of empiricism threatened to undermine the common sense belief that drugs are bad mkay and was rightly crushed. But even more frighteningly, his dogmatic adherance to the religion of science betrays society's increasing dependence on reality rather than blind faith. You know who else abandoned morality for science? A.N. Wilson knows.

Also see 'He blinded me with science' by Dave Cross.

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  1. A. N. Wilson is in no position to call anyone a Nazi:


    Disagreeing with government drugs policy is not a Nazi position. Endorsing forced sterilisation of 'undesirables' very much is.

  2. A.N. Wilson said of the smoking ban "why did the people of England accept this draconian ban on their private pleasures?" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/3642112/Is-this-the-end-of-English-literature.html

    Pot, kettle, black?

  3. Christ, I thought you were joking with the Hitler comparison. He actually wrote that...?!

  4. Oh dear God, what an asshat, bringing in Hitler to the debate like some retard, forgetting utterly that Hitler himself was a real draconian on drugs, drink and smoking as he messed up his idea of the perfect human specimen.

    What a massive ballbag A.N. Wilson is.

  5. "What a massive ballbag A.N Wilson is"

    Can't accept this. A.N. Wilson is a highly respected and objective thinker. It was probably someone imitating A.N. Wilson. Someone probably got hold of his email and password to impersonate him. He'll probably get in touch with the Mail soon and clear up all the confusion. This sort of thing goes on all the time in La La land..skillful hackers will go to any lengths to discredit brilliant, erudite polemicists. It's definitely a highly orchestrated right-wing plot.

  6. Haven't read what A.N.Wilson wrote, but, the idea that all scientists always trust in evidence-based research reminds me of something Alan Turing wrote:

    "[the] popular belief that scientists proceed inexorably from well-established fact to well-established fact, never being influenced by any unproven conjecture, is quite mistaken" (1950: p.422)

  7. hmmmmm:

    I presume your comment is a joke?

  8. i love the last sentence:
    "think of the hoo ha when one doctor questioned the MMR vaccine"
    what, the hoo ha that was a result of parents withdrawing their children from the vaccine due to a report that was widely discredited, proven to be based on no real evidence and has since resulted in a rise in the nubmer of cases of measles? that hoo ha that the daily mail helped create?

  9. "I presume your comment is a joke?"

    Not at all. I've heard of several cases lately where serious, respected writers have had their identities hijacked...or at least one case. Although when I think about it, that case didn't involve a serious, respected writer. It involved a complete oaf who posted complete crap in the belief that he had something to contribute. He liked to think he was a bit radical and edgy but, in actual fact, he was just a performing monkey pulling faces and jumping up and down to impress what he thought of as his little posse. Thing was, he went to far, outed himself as the village idiot that everybody always expected and then tried to recover his 'reputation' by claiming that he'd been 'impersonated'. Pathetic..don't ya think?

  10. Ha! I'd totally buy the vague accusations of an anonymous coward.

  11. My thoughts exactly Tim, seems be the way with such deluded oddities, they spend far too much time on the Internet and do so hiding behind an anon identity.

    Poor bastards.

  12. I'm a bit too dense to see what's going on here. Who threatened who now? Is A. N. Wilson impersonating me? What year is it?

    Monkey...village idiot...where have I heard that before...?

  13. Background: Somebody (probably the person behind 'hmmmm') has been impersonating bloggers in comments on other sites like Liberal Conspiracy, making OTT comments in other peoples' names.

  14. In a nutshell and then making out that is not the case, rather a like a split personality deluded nutcase.

    Forgive my French.