Thursday 29 October 2009

COMMENT: Why can't minorities just get a sense of humour?

It's common knowledge that racist jokes are hilarious, and - as eruditely pointed out by half-chin-half-man Bruce Forsyth, who is not at all old fashioned and out-of-date with his views - anyone who can't stand being called a "paki" should get a sense of humour. Because it's funny, don't you see? To call someone a word laced with hateful undertones. The highest form of wit.

Anyway, Andrew Neil made a quite brilliant quip recently about black MP Diane Abbott being a "chocolate hobnob". A joke which works on so many levels, but one which a hard core of liberal loony political-correctness-loving extremists have somehow deemed "offensive". These people clearly have nothing better to do than to be offended by completely harmless jokes and should get a life. And stop eating babies. Which they definitely do.

What's next, I ask you? Will we be banned form calling Germans "krauts" or calling the French "frogs"? It's political loony leftie madness health and safety gone bonkers Britain, and is probably somehow tied in to that shady EU which plans to take away all our rights, kill the Queen and have us work 24 hours a day growing onions for the French in slave labour camps in Germany. Or something.

Meanwhile, the irony of whipping up a storm of fuss about Jonathan Brand and Russell Ross and then dismissing another similar incident is entirely lost on us.

By Richard, via.


  1. I think dat picture of the biccies is just like this country, that aberiginal biccy is bein misplaced by those unnative biccies!

  2. It's a striking metaphor, isn't it?

  3. We'll probably have to drop the "rich", in "rich tea biscuits" next, thanks to the cultural Marxist Liberal elite! You couldn't blaaahhhhdy make it up, mate!

  4. Dean Foley-Expat in Spain29 October 2009 at 16:56

    Now, I'm not a racist but this is just PC madness! Next they'll be telling us that slavery was immoral, even though we gave those unappreciating filthbags civilisation!

    Y'know, I heard from a guy who knew a guy that worked as a cleaner in a DNA lab that White people are smarter. Not racism, just science and logic! We're obviously smarter than those dirty Africans in that god-forsaken hellhole that we should all boycott because some OAP died there.

    I for one am sick of our government betraying us to filthy immigrants! They never learn our language, outbreed the indigenous population with their muslim babies that they use as bombs, and run areas down into little Bangledeshi ghettos!

    So I moved to Spain. Don't speak a word of Spanish, luckily I moved into this mostly British neighberhood with British bars and fish and chip shops. No filthy foreigners here, violating the rights of the NATIVE POPULATION I tell you! So much better than Third World Britain. I couldn't even afford three widescreen HD TV's over there because of the immigrants!

  5. "And stop eating babies. Which they [liberal loony political-correctness-loving extremists] definitely do." :-) - I love this blog!