Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Vile anti-Mail 'hashtag' campaign nears completion

Word has reached the Quail's nest that a band of militant anti-Daily Mail leftist PC brigade cyber terrorists are attempting to group all of the links to silly Mail bashing articles on pointless celebrity miniblogging website Twitter.

To do so, they need a short, catchy, and memorable phrase to use as a so-called 'hashtag'. We don't really understand what this does, but it's almost certainly very childish and should be ignored by anyone who sees it.

However, in order to find and ban this sick campaign, we need your votes on what you think the best 'hashtag' might be. Current suggestions can be seen on the poll to the left of this post; the tag with the most votes by Saturday will be used to group all of the raving liberal rantings targeting the Mail. If you have any more suggestions for potential hashtags, feel free to leave them in the comments and they will be added to the poll. Actually they won't, because the poll's locked now. Ho hum.


  1. DailyWail?


    Honestly though, I don't think anything compares with DailyHeil! I laughed straight away upon seeing it.

    Honestly, thank you for this blog, and for linking the others down the side. I really need it after being surrounded all day by the "silent majority" who never stop screaming.

  2. Surely "Hoorah for the Blackshirts" would be the ideal hashtag?

  3. This is difficult! I've been brought up from a young age to refer to it as the Daily Wail, but most of these are good enough to make me change the habit of a lifetime. I'mleaning towards #DailyHeil, but then #HateMail is pretty good too.

    Ooh, decisions!

  4. #Hatemail would be the option showing the most respect for the DM's traditions, as it's been in use since the mid 19th century iirc.

  5. I vote DailyFail.

    Simon C, that's funny but the downside of that could be that those f***heads, the British Nazi Party start following you :P

  6. Got it:


    Has 'Fail'. Has 'Mail'. Sounds very much like 'Daily Mail'.