Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Daily Mail London edition: Consistent Standards

Northern Rock, the bank which triggered the financial crisis in Britain, could be sold before the general election in the biggest shake-up of the banking system for years

...Evening Standard reporter Hugo Duncan revealed today.

Duncan added in a separate article also published today in the same newspaper:

Government hopes of selling Northern Rock before the general election looked doomed today amid signs potential bidders will wait until after polling day.

The Evening Standard is given away free at tube stations and on rainy London streets. It was bought for £1 by ex-KGB spy Alexander Meerkat Lebedev earlier this year.

h/t: Political Animal


  1. The second article was printed further back in the paper.

    By the time you had made your way through the pages, the story had developed.

    It is how newspapers can keep up in the era of 24hr rolling news.

  2. Oh dear. Reading this has given me a fit of the giggles. Couldn't have they waited for tomorrow or something? No? Oh well...