Sunday, 18 October 2009

When is a Ferrari not a Ferrari?

'You're only as old as the women on your arm...or in Rod Stewart's case, the car you drive', said the Daily Mail today in what experts have called 'an insult to journalism'.

Attempting to sound like they'd done more than 1 second's research and that their 'article' wasn't just a pathetic excuse to print some pictures of a shiny car, a blonde woman and an old pop star, they went on to explain:

The ageing rocker showed he still has passion for boys toys as he took one of his many sports cars, a baby blue Ferrari Gallardo, out for a spin around Hollywood...The singer has a penchant for Ferraris.

And, it would appear, Lamborghinis.

(h/t Martin Robbins)

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  1. Interestingly, the Mail has deleted over 30 comments on the article telling them that the car is actually a Lamborghini. And they STILL haven't changed it from Ferrari.