Friday, 21 November 2008

Suicide teen 'was just doing it for the lulz'

Reports that a 19-year old Floridan filmed his own death and broadcast it live on the internet are greatly exaggerated, according to inside sources.

More than 180 people (or 1,500 according to some publications) watched in horror as Abraham K Biggs deliberately took a drugs overdose while broadcasting on video streaming website

Despite this seemingly infallible evidence of his demise, however, a user by the name of ApatoJay, posting on the forums where Biggs had discussed his suicidal feelings, revealed that in fact 'he did it for the lulz' and it was 'NOT a suicide'.

Another user concluded that while Biggs might not just have been seeking 'lulz', and might really have taken his own life, it was about time: 'Honestly, I was tired of him coming here every few months to talked about ODing and trying to kill himself again', said the compassionate 'twiddyINC'.

One newspaper excitedly told readers how, despite deleting the footage of Bigg's death, 'the suicide note and video clips can still be found after they were posted elsewhere on the internet', and told of 'a wave of concern following 17 internet-related suicides within the UK since 2001'.

This enormous number of deaths over such a short period has led many people to believe that internet gremlins could be responsible, whispering into peoples' ears to persuade them to kill themselves. Understandably, calls have already been made for the internet to be banned, as it was so clearly the sole factor in all of these suicides:

Expect a campaign, any day now.

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