Wednesday 2 September 2009

Is the Mail suffering from split personality disorder?

Fears were growing today for the mental health of the Daily Mail, as the newspaper founded by Hitler's chum enacted yet another astonishing reverse ferret.

Only two weeks after declaring the NHS 'A Good Thing' despite years of vitriolic fury directed at Britain's health soviet, and a day after the shock revelation that they can spell 'gypsy' but just don't want to, the Mail has decreed that wife beating and violence against women is bad afterall.

The U-turn comes less than a month after angry single man James Slack argued that women are beating men up left, right, and centre, and that school lessons highlighting the dangers of domestic abuse are nothing more than a waste of time and resources, and that Harriet Harman is a cow.

For an in depth investigation by a concerned blogger into the Mail's pathological duality, see 'Now the Mail WANTS wife-beating lessons for children as young as five' at MailWatch.


  1. If I actualyl read that damn thing and used is as a behavioural template I'd be very confused indeed and might just beat up everyone to be on the safe side, including gypsys.

  2. GIPSIES FFS! Get it right (or intentionally wrong, as the case may be)!

  3. looove your blog. Anything and anyone that takes the piss and reveals the hypocrisy in the daily mail deserves a badge.

  4. Thanks Miss Suffragette! Although the Quail doesn't approve of women voters like yourself, he will gladly accept badges from them!

  5. They've let Liz Jones' story today run unmoderated. The comments are somewhat entertaining...