Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Petite Anglaise author quits blogging for fear of ending up like Liz Jones

Never let it be said that Liz Jones is a washed up old crone with no influence over anyone or anything outside of her Exmoor menagerie of broken animals.

The vapid ex-editor of Marie Claire is inspiring a new generation of authors to give up writing for fear of ending up like her, stuck in a bitter void of self-destructive narcissism with no-one but horses for friends.

Catherine Sanderson, author of the 'Petite Anglaise' blog which earned her a £450,000 contract with Penguin in 2008, has announced that she will no longer be blogging after recoiling in horror at the thought of becoming a tell-all confessional writer like the brain meltingly irritating Daily Mail columnist.

Catherine said in a farewell web-blog post:

I read an article a month or so ago about Liz Jones, a newspaper columnist who has made a living out of sharing every aspect of her personal life, showing little or no regard for the feelings or right to privacy of the partners/lovers/neighbours that she uses for material. It left a nasty taste in my mouth. Personal blogging was something I felt the need to do during a short, pivotal period of my life but, as I hope I demonstrated in my memoir, I realised, with hindsight, that particular path was strewn with landmines. I learnt some valuable lessons from the experience and will always be grateful for the doors which opened as a result.

But now I’ve moved on.

Mail hack Peter Allen, who was responsible for unmasking 'Petite Anglaise' and getting her fired from her job in 2006, rounded off his attemped hatchet job on Sanderson's career with a misquoted and factually inaccurate article describing her decision to quit blogging.

Allen, trying desperately to sound as though he knew what he was talking about, added sagely:

Despite their massive popularity, blogs are notoriously difficult to make any money out of, and consequently have an amateur image which some professional writers can feel uncomfortable with.

A blogger said: 'Shut up Peter Allen you absolute twunt.'


  1. Lmao. Very good. I particularly like the quote you got hold of.

  2. Ah, now I see twunt used in context - it's a brilliant word.

  3. Top new word. I'll be using it at every opportunity. Glad to have discovered the quail. It's on my list to follow.

  4. What a discovery...the Daily Quail. The perfect antedote to the real nasty thing that messes with your head.

  5. ooh mr allen - how cutting, how offensive! we are not proper writers like you are we, us bloggers?
    despite the fact that bloggers get book deals, some bloggers are writers in their own right, adn you can read more truth on a lot of blogs than you can in the daily mail?
    what a dick!