Wednesday 9 September 2009

Tara Hamilton-Miller: Beyond parody

Some choice slivers from Tara Hamilton-Miller's achingly hip article 'How cool are David Cameron's Conservatives?' in the painfully trendy Telegraph:

For them [generation X Tories], David Cameron choosing to be interviewed in the fashion magazine Grazia and Boris Johnson appearing on the front of a London Fashion Week special issue of Elle magazine embody all that is fresh and forward-thinking about their party.
shadow home secretary David Davis – rugged, straight out of The Eagle comic – was seen as a dead cert to take the crown. Then David Cameron delivered his no-notes, “this is me” speech and a packed Empress Ballroom was left confused: all of a sudden there was another contender, and he was rather impressive.

One shadow minister says: “We’re not cool, we’re needed.” The Tories understand they are well placed to appeal to families and to re-engage with women.
The Tories are keen to bring lost creative souls into the fold. Many are interested: lots of men with irregular shaving patterns and statement spectacles are definitely sniffing around...Tony Hadley, lead singer of Spandau Ballet, is a Conservative.

A Tory spokesman said: 'Word, dude.'


  1. OT I know, but check out this article about kate moss throwing what the mail calls a 'strop' but what I call a reasonable reaction to james nesbitt's pathetic behaviour -they've actually allowed you to enlarge a pic of her knickers that some juvenile pap took! oh, she's got bad skin too, sob. that's prob why she's so pissy.

  2. Yeah, Elle magazine. That's well hip, innit.

    Hang on...

    "Bath time and bedtime stories are their responsibility, like any urban father who perhaps earns less than his partner."

    So it's not something that men who earn more than their wives should be doing, then?

  3. "statement spectacles"?

    Good God, we're doomed.

  4. well, if tony hadley is a MUST be cool!