Sunday 13 September 2009

MELANIE PHILLIPS: Now endorsed by the BNP

Special report by Claude.

Mail columnist book now officially on sale on far-right online shop as 'recommended reading'.

mad melThis should come as no surprise. For years now, at least twice a week, Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips has been banging on about immigration and what some people refer to as the "Islamification of Britain".

So here we are. For all the Daily Mail's disclaimers that they're anti-BNP (often recited as foreword to some virulently anti-immigration "opinion column"), the consonance is so striking that the BNP website is now selling Melanie Phillips' own book Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within, along with right-wing nut classics such as Vienna 1683: Christian Europe Repels the Ottomans.

Quoting several paragraphs from her book, the BNP site refers to it as "recommended reading" as well as "a revealing insight into the Islamist threat facing Britain".

So, as some citizens begin to connect years of tabloid headlines lashing out at the same target and the recent surge in far-right demonstrations across Britain (for a small but representative selection, please see this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this), here comes the BNP's official endorsement of one of the Daily Mail's star columnists.

Melanie Phillips can now be proud: a bunch of white supremacists, sexists, homophobes and holocaust deniers are now officially amongst her biggest fans.


  1. Thing is, once the BNP have got bored with Muslims, won't they go after their traditional targets of Jewish people in prominent positions? Or does Mel Phillips think they'll leave her alone if she just goes on about Muslims enough? Stupid, twisted woman.

  2. I think a quote from the historian AJP Taylor is in order here. In the foreword to his 'Origins of the Second World War' he wrote :

    I have however no sympathy with those in [Britain] who complained that my book had been welcomed, mistakenly or not, by former supporters of Hitler. This seems to me a disgraceful argument to be used against a work of history. A historian must not hesitate even if his books lend aid and comfort to the Queen's enemies (though mine did not), or even to the common enemies of mankind. For my part, I would even record facts which told in favour of the British government, if I found any to record.

  3. Not exactly AJP Taylor though, is she?

    I doubt Taylor would be a birther if he was around now.

  4. I bet there's not nearly as many BNP 'troops' on the Mail site as we think. The arrows on the likes of Mad Mel and Littledick's articles are almost certainly due to a few 'pro posters' knowing that if they block cookies for the mail site then every refresh of the page allows them to vote again & again. Thus the Mail gets more 'page views' to con their advertisers with and the BNP/EDL etc get to create the illusion of great support. The same happens with the Drudge-linked US fundies who have to turn every science story into a missive on the Book of Genesis. In all honesty I'd bet 90% of the Mail's most bonkers comments come from a few dozen people - especially as irrespective of your Mail user id/pass you can post with as many different names/locations as you want.

  5. Quail, I can't even begin to counter this ridiculous article. My knuckles keep dragging across the keyboard.

  6. Sorry to hear it, BN. Contact your local NHS trust to ask for a typing wand.

  7. I tried that, the equality questionnaire asked if I opposed mass immigration. They deemed me a far-right racist extremist Nazi fascist. Not eligible for treatment, apparently.

  8. Dagnabbit! Don't you just hate discrimination like that?

  9. Is anybody at all surprised that the BNP hold this odious women in such high esteem?
    When Griffin says that his favourite journalist is Littlebrain, it stands to reason that Phillips is high on their list.
    What on earth "serious" journalist and commentator Josh Rosenburg see's in this hateful hag remains a mystery.

  10. As a BNP member we should quote Orwell, in a world of universal deceit to speak the truth is a revolutionary act. O dear, I dont think I can possible live with myself, I can thank you , the sky is blue.Now ,now we cant have the truth going out ,now can we.