Wednesday 9 September 2009

Keep spreading the love, Littlejohn fans!

A quick update on what some poorly informed journalists might call a 'Google bomb'.

richard littlejohn you couldnt make it up
The Quail's Littlejohn fan banners are now first row Google image results for the terms 'Richard Littlejohn political correctness gone mad' and 'you couldn't make it up'. Likewise, searching for the Floridian columnist's name along with the words 'mbongo mbingo', and 'Tolstoy' throws up the banners as the first result and third line result respectively.


I'm well aware of how much love you all have for the straight-talking, repressed, homosexually obsessed Mail man, so I imagine you're asking yourselves how you can help promote the Littlejohn banner collection to spread word of his genius even further. Here are a couple of suggestions.

First, if you're writing about RL on your blog, linking his name to the image location of the banners will help push them higher in Google's image results (click the banner to find the image URL in your address bar. It will look like this.) You don't have to actually use the picture in your post if you don't want to, so long as the text is linked; Google will read the text and associate it with the remote image.

Similarly, if you're writing about him and you use the words 'You couldn't make it up', or 'political correctness gone mad', a link to the image URL will help boost search engine ranking of the pictures.

Secondly, the more people who use the banners on their own blogs, the better! Feel free to nick them for your own use, but if you do, make sure you enter 'Richard Littlejohn' and the phrase being used (ie, 'political correctness gone mad') as alt text. If you post the image to your blog or website by grabbing the image's URL from the Quail, you don't have to do anything as this is already set, but if you save it and upload it yourself, just make sure to save the copy with a relevant title such as 'Richard Littlejohn' or 'you couldnt make it up', and also to edit the alt="" image HTML (this blog shows you how). This helps searchbots understand what they're looking at.

Third, sit back, relax, and congratulate yourself on helping spread the Littlejohn love!

P.S. This is the sixth image result for 'Richard Littlejohn', and is one of the most grotesquely brilliant pictures I've ever seen.

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  1. It's been up at mine under the header of Richard Littlejohn is a cunt...