Wednesday 23 September 2009

Outrage over political correctness gone made up forces council U-turn

Daily Mail readers were jubilant today after forcing Flintshire county council to reverse a fictional case of political correctness gone mad.

Outraged letter writers, none of whom actually live in Flintshire, inundated the council with poorly written diatribes accusing town hall bureaucrats of eroding British heritage by banning the traditional English dish after reading about it in the Mail.

Councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun, who was interviewed by a Canadian radio station about the issue, said: 'Spotted Dick is part of our heritage. It's political correctness gone mad.'

Despite the inaccuracy of the original Mail article in suggesting that Spotted Dick had been the victim of censorious council executives, pathological liar Richard Littlejohn decided to highlight the case in his twice-weekly diary of political correctness gone mad and comedic human rights abuses. Making it up, he snorted: 'killjoy canteen chiefs at Flintshire council have banned Spotted Dick', ignoring the fact that in reality it had simply been renamed because kitchen staff were tired of an employee making the same unfunny joke about its name every single day.

With a resigned sigh, the council's chief executive Colin Everett said today that the great desert renaming debacle was due to the 'childish comments of one regular customer', and that 'Flintshire County Council will now observe proper tradition and refer to all dishes by their proper name.'

Reports that the Klaus Armstrong-Braun was the source of the daily 'spotted penis' jokes are being investigated. A spokeshomosexual for Richard Littlejohn said: 'This is a victory for victims of imaginary political correctness gone mad everywhere. Just because something isn't true doesn't mean you can't do something about it. Wahey!'

h/t: The Media Blog


  1. Fucking Hell...

    It's political madness gone correct!

  2. I need some PC injected right in me, my liberalness is flagging...

  3. I do like the idea of someone called Klaus complaining about English/British heritage being trampled on.

    I'm waiting for someone called Hank Stalin to appear in the news complaining about Obama's scaling back of America's "nucular deterrent".

  4. Heaven's if i see or hear somebody say "political correctness gone mad" today again, i'm going to happy slap them.

    Just today i had the displeasure of meeting this woman who said along the lines of; "You can't call a fat person fat anymore. It's political correctness gone mad."

    And i cooly replied; "Sorry, but what has that to do with the fact that this elevator can't withstand more than 6 people?

    People can be soooo dense.

    phew!Got that out of my chess.

  5. As Saint Stewart Lee once said: 'We have a whole generation of people confusing political correctness with health & safety legislation'

  6. it's political correctness gone mad Stu!