Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Metro on: Aliens and Blondes

Space invader 72-yr-old jailed for hitting out

'A terminally ill woman was jailed yesterday for breaking her neighbour's arm with a spade'.

Space invader? What does that mean Mr. Metro writer?

What's that? You just thought it sounded snappy and rushed it out to make deadline without giving any thought to whether or not it actually made any sense at all? Ah, right I see.

Good work on the clumsy use of 'hitting out' as well; where most writers would attach a subject to that phrase, you leave the sentence to tail off like lemmings over a cliff. What did she hit out at? Pfft, who gives a shit, it's only a headline.

Stop! Have some more!

Wife 'loves' boss cheat

'The celebrity wife of the head of the IMF said she still loves him despite his affair with a blonde employee.'

Blonde employee??? She is both a woman (ie a slut) AND blonde???>? WHORE! She isn't capable of (cleverly inverted) 'love'! She can only lust!

Straight out of The Daily Mail school of misogynist journalism. Yeah!

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