Monday, 13 October 2008

Metro on: Cutting edge cancer treatments

Eat jam and jelly 'to tackle cancer'

Is this headline based on any factual evidence or does it fall flat on its arse when you actually read the corresponding article?

'"You'd get some protection from eating jam but it's full of sugar. It might be better to get the same protection from fruit and vegetables, which would give you other anti-cancer magic bullets as well"', says Prof. Vic Morris, the man behind the research that resulted in this great moronolith of a headline.

He and his team aren't even sure if the magic anti-carcinogen 'in' jam and jelly even survives after being swallowed.

So yeah, it falls on its arse, misleads, and resides a good few hundred miles away from anything that might hope to be called accurate. Just another day at the Metro innit guv?

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