Wednesday 15 October 2008

Metro on: Holiday romances

Foreign flings hit you in Facebook

I think, maybe, this is supposed to be some sort of play on words. As in, something hits you in the face. But why would an intangible concept, i.e., a foreign fling, hit anybody in the tangible face?

Do people use that expression when something goes awry? Maybe it's just me, but I've never heard anyone say, for example, after a bad day at work, 'Crikey, today really hit me in the face'. Furthermore, you wouldn't say anything happened in Facebook. It would happen on Facebook.

This headline is desperately wants to be witty, but manages a play on words about as well as a two year old manages to play on Mah Jong. It makes no sense, means nothing and barely registers as English.

I won't even begin to discuss how vacuous, pointless and mind-buggeringly obvious the article (which has a different headline on the website) itself is.

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