Tuesday 16 September 2008

The Internet is Full of Lies and Piffle

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the internet, has called for a system to expose hideous left-wing online lies by creating a classification system that will allow surfers to separate fact from fiction.

While the world wide internetwork communication system (the 'internet') has become the medium of choice for people to find things out, its 2million websites are all rife with errors and misinformation, most of it put there deliberately by bureacrats in Brussels.

Another newspaper reports that Sir Tim 'was concerned about the way the internet spread misinformation about the unproven links between the MMR vaccine and autism' and that he 'cited emails and websites that promoted the myth that the latest Cern atom smasher - the Large Hadron Collider - could create black holes capable of gobbling up the earth' as evidence of the need for moderation.

To ram the point home, we present below...


  • The MMR vaccine causes brain damage and epilepsy, as well as autism and bowel disease. Recent studies have confirmed without doubt that this is patently untrue. The doctor behind the autism claims has since been discredited by the medical community and now faces charges of professional misconduct.
  • Failed asylum seekers escape deportation by throwing tantrums. In fact, they did not 'escape' deportation. Deportees who were denied boarding by airlines were transfered to removal centres, to await, unsurprisingly, removal.
  • Police officers involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian were 'fetching a takeaway' with the police car's siren and blue lights on. Actually, the officers were responding to an armed robbery at a McDonalds in Bromley.
  • Women can work out whether a man will make a good father just by looking at his face. The claim relied on research carried out by scientists at St Andrews University. However, the research actually only found that 'Pregnant women were more attracted to the men who appeared healthier.' A claim was also made that the researchers 'have even come up with the face of the perfect man', whereas in reality all they did was use images of men which were doctored them to make them look ill.
  • The EU makes Kent a part of France. This sensationalist claim implied that Britain was to be carved up by a shadowy body known as Interreg. The truth is that Interreg is a community initiative which aims to stimulate interregional cooperation in Europe. The map was simply to show which regions would be co-operating on common issues such as tourism, health and the environment.

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