Wednesday 3 December 2008

Chris Moyles Calls Poles Whores

Overweight BBC filthbag Chris Moyles has sparked fresh outrage by declaring on his radio show that Polish people 'make good prostitutes'.

Jan Mokrzycki, president of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain said seriously: 'We are too serious an organisation to bother with someone as insignificant as Chris Moyles', before releasing a press statement and sending a serious letter to the BBC saying: 'Statements he has made on his show are greatly damaging to the image of the Polish community in the UK.'

The confused fury was ignited by the blubbery DJ's outrageous comments on his vile early morning radio show. Moyles said: 'I just find if you're Polish you're just very good at ironing... and prostitutes…..very good also at fixing cars, so hopefully that's not going to give me a problem in the car department.'

Polish people, who enjoy crashing aircraft over Heathrow, were disgusted and an avalanche of 32 complaints followed the broadcast. British Poles, who have been known to kill British workmen due to their inability to speak English, lead the criticism against Moyles on the Polish news website, calling his comments 'nasty stereotyping'.

Describing the comments as 'racist', many Poles, who claim £21 million of fraudulent child benefit, called for an immediate public apology. They say the comments perpetuate an unfair perception that Polish people, who suck £1bn a year out of the economy and consider groping innocent British women an acceptable past-time, are 'feckless' and rubbish.

The Polish community, which swells by over 1,000 every month and has been described as an 'influx', reacted by organising a petition to register their disgust at the vile, unwarranted and barely comprehensible comments.

But the BBC seemed not to care, saying in a statement: 'Chris was poking fun at ridiculous and unfair stereotypes, and making a nonsense of generalisations based on nationality. At no point did he say that Polish people [who are taking all our houses] were involved in prostitution – he separately joked that prostitutes were good at fixing cars and ironing.'

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  1. Please do not miss out the story about the Nazi and Al-Qaeda lego men, I am begging you!!! lol!!

    Funniest thing in YEARS!!

  2. hahaha nice entry.
    you forgot about the swans!


  3. But at the same time they lower the inflation, do jobs other would not do yet we profit from and put back into our economy much more than they take out. Also it is not the Poles that are the problem here, but refugees that take up space, bring their 5+ offspring families and don't bother to learn English ever, claiming benefits and housing for years and years and years!

  4. sure, Poles are also known for causing earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, not to mention snow in winter etc.

  5. His show was reasonably lame and boring anyway. Probably playing more music would mean that he would have to talk less...but then again, that wouldn't be mr. moyles. he's paid half a million a year from taxpayer's money...even poles it seems, for making the most dull radio show in england. Not a bad day's work. Keep up the good work chris!

  6. some people really aren't getting this blog are they? who's that pious piss weasle harping on about the economy - shift your arse to another forum love.

  7. Not bad! :) a good racistic job, I would say. After French, Blacks, Latinos, Hindu, Irish, now Poles. English racism is like neverending story. And this is what you can be proud of!!