Monday, 22 December 2008

Doctors Take ALL Our Money

Damning evidence emerged today that many senior doctors are being paid taxpayers' money just to save peoples' lives. It is thought many of those treated by the docs are benefit scrounging single gay parents from other countries, according to the report in a newspaper whose editor is paid £1.5m a year.

One NHS boob doctor dared to earn a whopping £290,000 just for some overtime and 'clinical excellence', while hundreds more are earning up to £190,000 thanks to a hair-brained government scheme that rewards doctors just for spending more time with patients on weekends and holidays and performing exceptionally well.

The madcap plan allowed another doctor at the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust to earn around £55,000 simply for running a regional service and £40,000 for reducing waiting lists - despite well documented reports that NHS waiting lists aren't a problem at all.

One insider asked: 'Why are these glorified nurses earning so much when people doing important jobs, like footballers, are earning barely three times more? It's not like anyone even wants to see a doctor anyway'.

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