Friday, 13 February 2009

Outrage as Quail Agrees with Mail

Fury erupted today as another Quail comment made it past The Daily Mail's infamously censorious website moderation dragons and automated compliance bots, which are programmed to destroy any incoming opinion contrary to that of the author's and suggestions that Richard Littlejohn shouldn't be Prime Minister.

But this was no ordinary thinly disguised parodic utterance condemning the folly of improving education while praising unsustainable, environmentally damaging energy sources; insiders have suggested that The Quail actually, genuinely agrees with Harry Phibbs' evaluation of LabourList as 'a crashingly awful website' with all the shrill, humourless didacticism of 'student politics combined with an endless stream of Soviet-style propaganda.'

The Quail is proud to stand amongst such luminaries as L.G. from Berkshire, who added insightfully: 'Labour scum, but hey what's new?' and Andrea from Buckingham who was concerned that her hard-earned English pounds might be funding LabourList's misguided mission: 'What I want to know is are we, the taxpayers, funding the blog?' she wailed. A source revealed that the answer is no.

Labour councillor Kerron Cross agreed that ‘the development of Labourlist will alienate as many Labour supporters – and Labour supporting bloggers – as it will upset Tories. It is like a concept that has been generated before any real content has been thought through – gather all the left of centre bloggers in a room and tell them you are taking control, how democratic and accessible is that?'

Meanwhile, one weblogger who attended LabourList's awesome, outside-the-box, 20th century new media launch breakfast, suggested that perhaps Derek Draper, the former spin doctor behind the website didn't really 'get' blogging or web 2.0, whatever that is: 'What’s the point in gathering an element of the bloggersphere if you’re going to simply give them pastries and talk at them? It felt very broadcast and not very social.'

Draper, who hasn't got time to deal with self-important bloggers like you, may or may not have said: 'I don't give a shit. I am building a site for 60 million people, not 60 bloggers so shut up', before running off to point at random people in the street and call them racists.

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