Thursday, 12 February 2009

Feral Immigrant Children Putrify British City

Rabid packs of disease-spreading immigrant children are roaming wild in Sheffield and putting a major strain on taxpayer funded city resources, it emerged today.

Like the rats that caused the Black Death of London in 1665, 136 Slovakian families have flooded into the Yorkshire city since 2007, shamelessly looking for work and a better life for their families. Deprived immigrant nests are now a common sight to local residents, with many Eastern Europeans cramming up to 20 members of their family into a single small residence.

The overcrowded conditions have led to outbreaks of un-British diseases such as Hepatitis A, impetigo and thread worm amongst the migrant offspring, who brazenly wander the streets flaunting their their poverty 'for all to see', wearing tracksuits made by Neebok and Dunplop trainers.

A local man said: 'A dirtier or more wretched place I have never seen. The streets are narrow and muddy, and the air is impregnated with filthy odours. There are a good many small shops round here, but the only stock in trade appears to be heaps of small children who crawl in and out at the doors or scream from the inside. The sole places that seem to prosper amid the general blight of this place are the public houses, and in them the lowest orders of the Slovaks wrangle with might and main. Covered ways and yards, which here and there diverge from the main street, disclose little knots of houses where drunken [immigrant] men and women positively wallow in filth.'


  1. Surely you have failed to mention the HIV and the dreaded Tuberculosis. As an Australian it reminds me so very much of our early days when the filthy English - starving, diseased and poorly dressed, a dreadful strain on the leech population and severely overworking the bloodletters - first arrived on these shores. Even 220 years later, they have barely managed to better themselves.

  2. English...immigrants???! Could there be such beasts?

  3. Jamie,

    love your blog mate but I think you could be a bit more active on your FaceBook group; nothing much is happening there tbh and I think there's a lot of potential for it to grow - especially amongst the people the Daily Mail hates (Scots, Welsh, Germans, French, etc etc)

  4. You are completely right Scott.

    I need to find an angle that doesn't detract from the splendid work of other groups like 'Daily Mail Hating Feminazis from Hell' and 'The Daily Mail really are a bunch of fucking twats' though.

    To differentiate and all that.