Sunday 19 April 2009

COMMENT: The perils of criticising the police

"Let the Quail say in a loud and shrill hooting fashion that we are increasingly concerned about the witch-hunt being whipped up by pinkos against the police.

Take the glorifying of benefit-scrounging former heroin addict Nicola Fisher, who at the heat of battle between police and rioters viciously hit a police officer's fist with her face and insubordinately obstructed his baton as he attempted to swat a rather nasty looking bee that was troubling him.

But, even if the officer did use disproportionate force against Miss Fisher, is it any more acceptable that she, a scummer, has made thousands by selling her story through the dubious offices of Max Clifford?

The logical answer would be yes, it is more acceptable for someone to make money from something than it is to beat unarmed, law abiding citizens with weapons.

But in fact, it is not."

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