Wednesday 27 May 2009

Actually, we've changed our minds now

January 2009: Hurrah for the Teen Queen UK beauty pageant!
Hunchback girl validated by sexist competition

May 2009: Teen Queen UK beauty pageant? Sick, sick, sick. Ban it now.
Sexist competition 'a shop window' for paedos


  1. The second article is fantastic.

    "Look at this filth! And this! And this...corr, and look at this...filth...ooh, she's well filthy...ahem, where were we? Oh yeah, protecting innocence or something."

  2. Yeah The Mail really excels when it comes to pointing out the filthy loveliness - sorry, disgustingness of mid teens.

    Almost as if they...*want* people to look at them...but people who look at young girls are depraved paedos so that cannae be...

    Now my brain hurts.