Thursday 21 May 2009

Immigrant babies to take over UK by end of the century, study warns

A terrifying number of babies were spawned by immigrant mothers residing in Britain last year, chilling new figures have shown.

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics revealed that in 2008 24% of births - nearly a third - were to non-British women from far-off lands where they do things differently to us.

The enormous 1% year-on-year rise in the percentage of foreigners popping out little immigrant children has been blamed for pushing the overall UK birth rate to a 36 year high; 708,708 live births were recorded last year, the seventh consecutive annual increase since 2001 and the highest since 1972, when 725,440 career-ending mistakes were born.

The catostrophic increase in immigrant birth rates has led to fears that non-foreign babies may outnumber nice English scamps by 2085. If the current yearly percentage increase in births to mothers not of British origin were to continue, 100% of babies would be foreigners within 76 years.

Inexplicably, Migrationwatch has not as yet commented on the statistics.

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  1. Bloody foreigners!

    Coming over here! Taking our jobs! Getting impregnated by our men! Send 'em back where they come from!