Monday 20 July 2009

Liz Jones has shocking moment of self-realisation

Liz Jones has finally realised what everyone else already knew:

The Mail's fashion editor and long-running columnist said: 'I had an inkling all along really. I am so vacuous it's offensive.'


  1. I know its late, but have just read Liz Jones' latest epic and my brain seems to have shut down. We have chickens with post-traumatic stress disorder who eat dinner off designer dishes. Menopausal trees. A horse that looks like Zippy from Rainbow. Rastafarian sheep. And a dog who is referred to as her 'new boyfriend'. If this woman isn't sticking LSD in her Horlicks then I'd be very surprised. In fact the whole article is so truly abysmal that it will be listed under the chapter heading 'What the Fuck?' in future editions of 'An Introduction to Journalism'. Prepare yourselves:

  2. Staggering isn't it? Check out the newest post!

  3. Ok, it hasn't finished cooking. Check it out tomorrow.