Friday, 3 July 2009

Mail in Hay-something Island double fail

Remember the chap who won 'The Best Job in the World' - a £70,000 caretaker position looking after a tropical island paradise, whose only responsibility was to make sure cute widdle turtle hatchlings got to the ocean safely?

Well he's only got one of those Twitters hasn't he?

And get this - the idiot only went and wrote on his Twitter 'leaving the chefs table and chocolate room on Hayward Island after a stunning gastronomic presentation.’

Ha, idiot! As everyone knows, it's not Hayward Island, it's Hayman Island! What an idiot. Hahahaha!

You'd have to be a real moron to get a simple fact like that wrong wouldn't you?

Especially if you were a national newspaper with a circulation of two and a half million and your sneering at somebody getting a name wrong.

* Update *

Also, this - the triple fail: Angry Mob


  1. "Especially if you were a national newspaper ... and your sneering at somebody getting a name wrong."
    That should be "you're sneering" methinks.

    Yours, sneeringly

  2. Dammit! I'm tempted to say 'Yeah well I meant to do that, it's, er, ironic'...but it's not. Well spotted!

    Yours, grudgingly