Monday 27 July 2009

Build it and they will come, hopes Martin Clarke

MailOnline webmaster Martin Clarke is unhappy with the way HitWise and ComScore measure web traffic and wants monitoring firms to take into account what content users are actually engaging with.

With sales of the dead tree Mail plummeting faster than Lord Rothermere's favourite zeppelin, Clarke believes the key to securing future Mailish success lies in convincing media agencies that readers are engaging with the paper's pernicious brand of ultra-conservative right-wing intolerance and not just staying long enough to knock one out before sodding off to grab the nearest box of mansize Cleenex:

"The obsession with opaque monthly unique visitor figures does our industry no favours. British newspaper websites need to prove that they are doing more than providing free content to third party aggregators who deliver low value casual users.

In these difficult times we have to build dedicated audiences who make a conscious effort to visit us as trusted providers of news and spend significant amounts of time engaged with our content."
In other news, here's 36 and a half tits, super-freaky pictures of a woman's arms, some cheeky side-boob action, and some toss about Lindsay Lohan's feet.


  1. Today's Mail has an article about how disgusting dirty husbands look at young women on porn sites. I haven't read it properly yet, though - am still busy checking out their 'Hollyoaks bikini babe Calendar' story...

  2. This is very interesting... "BBC will share video with papers "

  3. Is it Paul Dacre's Side Boob Hour?

  4. "MailOnline’s UK readers spend longer on the site per day than Telegraph, Times, or Guardian readers and spend more time looking at each page."

    Well they can only move their finger along the lines and sound out each word so quickly.