Sunday 29 March 2009

Council worker suspended for being Christian

A mild mannered council worker has been suspended by shadowy council bureaucrats for innocently suggesting that a terminally ill woman facing eviction from her home should go away and 'put her faith in God'.

Duke Amachree was so concerned about the woman, who had been told by doctors that she was suffering from an incurable bowel condition shortly before visiting Wandsworth Council's officesto discuss a housing problem, that he suggested turning to Yahweh instead of trying to resolve her pointless earthly problems like where to sleep at night or how to pay her council tax.

Inexplicably, the woman reacted thanklessly and complained to Amachree's superiors as soon as she got home - even though, Amachree says, she didn't seem at all angry at the time.

He told The Sunday Torygraph: 'It was out of compassion that I said to her: "Sometimes the doctors don't have all the answers".

Shortly afterwards, Amachree - a father of two - was handed an overly wordy, jargon filled two-page letter by faceless council housing officials telling him he was being suspended following a complaint from the godless woman.

He was told he should not have raised the issue of religion at work - probably for fear of offending ethnic minorities and gypsies. Heretical colleagues suggested that Amachree had been previously warned by his militantly atheist bosses not to raise his religious beliefs with members of the public, and that he had 'launched into an aggresive religious rant when dealing with the woman.

Having now been out of work for over two weeks, the dedicated Christian says he is 'very worried' about his future in his position as homelessness prevention officer with the council he has worked for for over 18 years.

Sources say the woman is still dying. It is unclear whether or not she has put her faith in God yet.

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