Saturday, 7 March 2009

Kids Gym Banned By Muslims / Homosexual Agenda Upsets Parents

Outraged parents reacted with fury yesterday as a mixed-sex gymnastics club was forced to stop holding classes at a girls school - because Muslim parents complained about innocent young boy members of the group looking at their precious Arabian princesses.

Furious Colin Perry, who runs the Shirley Gymnastics Club, accused the school of cow-towing to political correctness and multiculturalism gone mad. 'It's unbelievable,' he wailed, quaking with outrage, 'There is a group of Muslim parents with Muslim children at the school and they are the ones putting pressure on the headteacher.' He later told The Sun: 'The school’s commitment to multiculturalism has been compromised for fear of offending a minority.'

It is unclear how Perry knew it was the Islams who did it, but sources confirmed that his suspicions sounded 'about right'.

He is now desperately searching for a new home for the club's 250 members - including the 36 boys - which had held classes at Old Palace School, in Croydon, South London, since January last year.

Headteacher Judy Harris had offered Mr Perry an intentionally unworkable compromise when he was first ordered to leave a few weeks ago in December, but the terms - that gym classes could continue if they started after pupils had gone home - were rejected as 'impractical'.

In other news....

Parents who pulled their children out of school in protest at lessons encouraging their children to turn gay fear they will be prosecuted after totalitarian education bosses pledged to take 'action' against them.

Some 30 primary pupils are thought to have been kept home during the week of special brainwashing lessons which included secondary school pupils performing Romeo and Julian, a queerified version of the classic heterosexual Shakespearian love story.

Shadowy council bosses said the protest resulted in 'unauthorised absences' and had 'taken action' against parents who pulled their youngsters out of George Tomlinson School in Leytonstone, east London, but refused to state what sanctions are being taken. Sanctions against truancy can include spot fines, parenting contracts and court action, possibly leading to prison sentences lasting up to 30 years.

The parents, who objected to the lessons on moral and religious grounds, said the content was more appropriate to secondary age pupils.

One shocking R-rated story covered in lessons was 'And Tango Makes Three', an explicit depiction of a homosexual relationship between two male penguins, Roy and Silo, who fall passionately in love at a New York zoo.

Pervez Latif, whose children Saleh, ten, and Abdur-Rahim, nine, attend the school said Muslim parents had objected to the theme linked to Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month: ‘We as parents did not receive any guidance that this was going to happen,’ he said, adding 'I didn’t want my children to be learning about this...I found it difficult to explain topics such as homosexual relationships at such a young age.’

A spokesman for Waltham Forest Council lied: ‘As part of the borough’s policy of promoting tolerance in our schools, children are taught that everyone in our society is of equal value. At George Tomlinson, parents were invited to meet with teachers and governors several weeks ago to discuss what work would be taking place throughout the national LGBT History Month and how this work would be delivered.'

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