Thursday 26 March 2009

Another woman cries rape; Man's reputation ruined

Cuh. Women.

Tony from London said insightfully:

237 people agreed that Britain is indeed at risk of falling under the control of extremist right-wing Muslim feminazis who spend all their time asking for it before dragging their unsuspecting victims through the courts in the hope of receiving multi-million pound payouts. 112 fellow commenters also voiced their fury that a sex-crazed female man eating lawyer was able to bring the case to court in the first place.

Six months ago, a victim of an attempted rape wrote an article for The Daily Mail about the issue of rape victims receiving lower compensation payments if found to have been drunk when the crime was committed. The highly personal account of her experience, during which she was picked up and physically thrown down a flight of stairs because she resisted her attacker, concluded that 'there's a world of difference between being incapable and being culpable.'

The 'debate' received zero comments.


  1. Read the quote and thought about what a cunt tony was, then read the article and realised what a massive cunt he was. The bloke didn't go to prison, and it wasn't just say so, that's what courts are for!

  2. The sad thing is that the 237 includes people who voted down as well. The number who agreed with it was thus higher.