Thursday 19 March 2009

Quail Lite: Google Streetview stops taxpaying Britons committing crimes

"Google today launched a site [sic] showing 360 degree photographs of almost every street in London...Critics say it could be used to plan crimes or expose people involved in illegal activities"

A local criminal said: 'This is outrageous. I suffer from an exceptionally rare condition whereby I am unable to plan crimes unless I use the internet to look at virtual representations of the banks I'm going to rob first. Street View was my only hope for commiting crimes without physically seeing my target or leaving my house.

Now they tell me it will also expose my illegal activities too. What am I supposed to do? Not commit crimes?'

Critics of the Street View service have also demanded that irresponsible multi-national corporations such as Nikon, Canon and Sony immediately put an end to selling products that enable burglars to look at pictures of buildings or cars. It is thought that as many as 100% of criminals have used digital equipment such as computers and televisions in their lives.

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