Tuesday, 18 August 2009

BBC in new row over expenses and Communism

The BBC was under fire today over fresh allegations of exorbitant expense claims and links to the Soviet Union.

Senior corporation producer Guy Burgess abused his expenses account to such an extent that even the professional money squanderers at the bloated, leftist BBC complained he was spending too much licence fee payers' money 'making contacts', according to shocking new documents.

Top secret memos reveal that Burgess' superiors frequently frowned upon his excesses and that he claimed up to a staggering £11 a month on entertaining in his role as producer of a flagship BBC politics show.

The Eton-educated producer even refused to travel by second-class rail while on BBC business. With no thought for the down-trodden middle-class viewers paying his wage, Burgess sniffed: 'I normally travel first class and see no reason why I should alter my practice when on BBC business, particularly when I am in my best clothes'.

Critics have accused the state funded broadcaster of cronyism after funding a lavish dinner for Burgess with the Prime Minister's daughter - 'to discuss a very difficult coal debate at the only time available'. Coal has enjoyed suspiciously favourable coverage on BBC News since the supposedly 'innocent' meal.

The BBC is also facing difficult questions over Burgess' second job as a Russian spy. Having been recruited by the Communists while at Cambridge University, insiders claim the dual role amounts to a conflict of interest and exposes the festering socialism at the rotton heart of British broadcasting. However, George Alagiah was not granted such leniency last week and was sensationally forced to step down as a patron of Fairtrade.

Roger from York slammed Burgess' excesses as typical of New Labour hypocrisy:

While Jim from London was concerned by the connection to Russia and called for an immediate investigation:
A BBC source said: 'Just remember this. All agents defect, and all resisters sell out. Pay your licence fee and stop asking questions.'

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