Wednesday 19 August 2009

Mail readers supportive of model's compensation claim

Daily Mail readers have reacted with fury to news that a mean blogger said some nasty things about former Vogue cover girl Liskula Cohen, and were quick to express support for the model's litigious crusade to unmask the cruel web scribbler and sue for defamation.

Essex girl S. Wallace wept:

This cyber bully was clearly a very jealous and vindictive woman and I'm glad that she was been found out. Too many people come onto internet forums spreading lies and hurtful gossip. It's about time people grew up and considered other peoples feelings, how would they feel if the tables were turned?
Norman, who desribes himself as a 'UK taxpayer' despite living in Greece, jived:

Sticks & stones are one thing, but calling a woman "a whore" is quite another ting, and I hope Ms. Cohen is awarded substantial damages.
Karen from the Midlands decreed:

Good for her. People should take responsibility for their words and actions. What this anonymous woman has written was unfair and untrue, so she should be called to account for it.
While BiBi from Lagos hoped for some serious compensatory payouts:

I hope the model sues her for every dime she has...this will teach her a life lesson and same goes for all pathetic cyber bullies - Go get a life!

Readers' sympathy for the slandered model was, however, surprising to some.

When two Muslim sisters successfully sued their former employer for permitting racist and sexual abuse earlier this year, Mail readers were angered by the women's pursuit of compensation.

Michael from Cambridge said:

Disgusting when our brave soldiers facing the rest of their lives without sight, limbs and dignity receive pittances. This whole race thing is getting far, far beyond a joke.
and Kim from West Sussex agreed that people shouldn't receive money just because they were called some rude names:

We are so afraid of hurting people that we have gone too far, this money should be going to good use like education and health not to two over sensitive woman who have nothing better to complain about
Similarly, when IT manager Vinod Rajdev claimed constructive dismissal and compensation for being repeatedly called 'Paki' and finding images of himself composited into a picture of Osama Bin Laden, readers dismissed his claims as over sensitive.

'Perhaps the guy had a sense of humour bypass', suggested Chris from Heathfield, and Jemma from Exeter agreed: 'Get a life and a sense of humour !!', she warbled.

William Thomson, an expat in Dubai summed the case up succinctly:

He really needs to get a life. Another compensation claim on the back of some names Oh how dangerous and helath threatening. When does he bring in his violation of Human Rights?
And when Mona Awad, a female Muslim banker, suffered racial, sexual and religious discrimination while working for HBOS, readers reacted with weary incredulity.

Rhiannon from Oxford expounded:

If she wants to work in banking, she should grow some thicker skin. It's hard work being a girl working in a man's world, but if you don't react to silly comments, then they get bored and give up.

While Peter, also from Oxford, led a chorus of 'Here we go again!':

Here we go again!! Another 'discrimination' claim in the hope of gaining untold riches for no effort! It is well past the time when the government put a stop to this 'nice little earner''. If this woman was a manager she should have shouldered the responsibility to put a stop to it, or left to find a position that suited her better. If I claimed during my 50 odd years at work for every slight or insult I would be a multi-millionaire now!


  1. Yeah, but there's a difference between calling an innocent (and pretty! corrr!) model a whore, and a bit of light hearted photochopping and racial and sexual banter...

  2. amazing!

    i love that comment as well "girl working in a man's world" - you couldn't make it up.

    the fact that the mail are pretty obsessed with "whores" and dragging up women's sex lives if they have been murdered or raped - the irony is choking...