Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mad Mel: The truth eater

Once again, class war has broken out in the Labour Party. Yet another Labour politician has issued the tribal rallying cry to bash the middle classes blah blah honk bleat shrill hoot bleugh class war argh

Oh, what's the use? Sod it, have a picture.

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  1. Sad thing about Mad Mel and her cohorts is that they push this view that the middle-class in Britain are treated as badly as the middle-class under Pol Pot & many people believe it. Is quite ironic to be sitting round with a bunch of successful types who'll tell you about their hols, their new car, their weekend abroad, how much their house has shot up in value then moan about how horrible life is thanks to Gypsies, Muslims and the poor taking all their money. There might also be an added outburst about how the global warming hoax is so terrible as they'll have to put up with windmills near their holiday home, and schools are so bad that (despite McBroon taking all their cash) they're going to have their kids go private. Of course most middle-class people are decent sorts, but their Mail-inspired persecution complex just makes them come across as intensely deluded.

    Mel's whole idea rests on the belief that the middle-class are educated whereas the poor are not. Yet you only have to check out the gormless comments on her own articles to see that our apparent educational overclass get a bit confused with capital letters at the start of sentences, they're/their/there and (my fave) mix up the words loose and lose...