Saturday 1 August 2009

Brown faces ID card flag fury

Alan Johnson was slammed yesterday for a seditious and craven appeal to the Socialists who hate our country, as it was revealed that the Union Jack will be completely absent from the new national ID cards. Bureaucrats have admitted that the move was ordered to avoid upsetting groups who may not identify with the UK symbol, such as immigrants, gypsies, and the Welsh.


Trial versions of the privacy eroding card featured a Union Jack in the top right corner, as all official documents should. But new cards have been altered in an attempt to pander to the so-called 'rights' of 'minorities'. In protest, The Sun today submitted its own design for ID cards, pictured below - a marked improvement over previous efforts.

Outraged rent-a-quote UKIP Commander Nigel Farage applauded the decision not to put the EU flag on the card, but said the 'Union flag should be displayed, it’s what Churchill would have done.' The cards, which once featured heavily in Government’s anti-terrorism plans, were thought essential in preventing future atrocities. However, the plan to make them compulsory has since been scrapped.


The Government has been accused of doing nothing more than making loud noises in support of the British people, and this latest fiasco proves it. Future home secretary Chris Grayling accused ministers of lacking pride in the nation’s flag.

He intoned: 'If the Government don’t even have enough pride in our national flag to put it on an ID card that nobody wants then they really are out of touch with the national mood.' Grayling added: 'the British people don’t mind a massive waste of money, so long as it has a flag on it.'


A local man said: 'In a nation of patriots, what sort of National Identity document wouldn’t have a Union Jack on it? This is political madness gone absolutely correct. It doesn't matter that passports don't carry the Union Jack either - I'm too outraged to think rationally right now.'

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  1. I suppose the Mail's resident comment trolls who are so angry about this are the patriots who drive foreign cars, own property abroad and seem to spend most of the year holidaying in Europe while whinging they're really poor thanks to the terrors of McBroon and his henchmen? Or am I being too cynical about Britain's most beloved newspaper?

  2. See this post.

    It's amazing the amount of "ex-pats" on the Mail site who seem to have better knowledge of the state of Britain today than someone who actually lives in Britain.

  3. Stirringupapathy - yep, you're quite right. What stuns me is the way the Mail throws around the term 'anti-British' and yet their articles and comments show far more hate for the country than any lefty bloggers could ever manage. Is just cringeworthy when ex-pats read the Mail, assume is all true then pontificate on the state of the UK - you know, the place with crime worse than South Africa, where the middle-class work for nothing & live in poverty, where every dolie has a 50" plasma telly & every teenage girl has 16 kids to a dastardly illegal immigrant babydaddy and where sport has been totally banned by Communists... good show to the Quail and other sites for mocking the idiocy of these sorry excuses for 'journalists'.