Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Now PC Harman wants to ban wife beating

Abusive husbands were left furious today after a 'controversial' new drive to reduce domestic violence against troublesome women was unveiled by chief feminazi Harriet Harman.

Under the contentious scheme, children as young as five will be taught that time-honoured traditions of men beating their wives when they take too long doing the dishes or refuse sex because they 'have a headache', are no longer acceptable in today's politically correct, ultra-feminised society.

Shockingly, boys will be indoctrinated that their female friends are 'people' with so-called 'human rights', and just because girls are weak and over-sensitive doesn't mean it's acceptable to punish them for disobedience.

But imaginary critics warned that ministers are cramming the already over-stuffed National Curriculum with silly lessons that should be taught in the home, and schools should teach proper subjects like maths and fox-hunting instead of focusing on the supposed rights of nagging women.

In a pink, fluffy-lined document spattered with the wooly language of Miss Harman's equality dogma, the Government says the first ever so-called 'Violence Against Women and Girls' strategy is already in production by Government departments, and will be ready to make life harder for boys everywhere this autumn.

It squeals girlishly: 'Our vision is a society where women and girls feel safe and confident in their homes and communities...we want to overcome women's and girls' fear of crime and the gender-based violence that they experience.'

Sources suggest that equality-mad Harman is simply bitter at not being given the same opportunities as men and wants to make life as difficult as possible for the male sex as revenge.

In addition to the brainwashing lessons forced upon children by schools, the Health Service's scant recources are to be hijacked to conduct futile studies into how the treatment of women claiming to be at risk of violence can be improved, and police must waste valuable time that could be spent solving real crimes reviewing alleged incidents of 'domestic violence'.

The plans are being rolled out despite evidence showing that boys and young men are more than twice as likely to fall victim to violence, and that it is in fact young women who are becoming increasingly mean: a staggering 25% of all violent assaults in England and Wales are carried out by vicious ladette women, and it is the most common reason for females to be arrested.

The other 75% of violent assaults are thought to be carried out by transvestites and gays, not men.

In a 'blitzkrieg against the male sex', Harman is also understood to be considering plans to make rape even more difficult to get away with - despite recent news that a massive 1 in every 16 rape accusations results in a conviction.

A local man said tearfully: 'Please, won't somebody think of the men? What am I supposed to do when I come home steaming drunk and she won't put out because she's on? Watch TV?!'

Asked why he despises women so much, hate-filled misogynist James Slack - described as 'unlovable' by his own mother - replied: 'I'll never forget how that bitch Sally poked me in the eye in year four. It really hurt.'


  1. This is pure genius. Thank you!

  2. The muslims have a much better approach to the treatment of women in society, what Britain needs is a bit more Sharia and a bit less Harman!

  3. I said it over at Lib Con and I'll say it here:

    I love you.

  4. Aw, shucks, I love you too Big D.

  5. This is just one example of where it's all going wrong for the Labour Party: Hattie H's attempt to legislate against rape.

  6. Harperson is strangely quiet on the subject of male rape-suspects names being published, yet female accusers retain anonymity.

    Especially when the data proves so many men innocent.

    A bit of equality is needed.

  7. I loved that this comment on the Daily Mail story got 58 negative votes:

    Surely, any initiative that helps reduce violence against women is a good thing, innit ?
    - bob roberts, worcester, uk, 5/8/2009 5:49

  8. It is not good for children. Kids shouldn't be taught about this things or else they might go into relationship at such an early age.

    Daily Mail Profile

  9. this is amazing! so glad i discovered this site.

    and err pals and anonymous, they are very stragne things to say.

  10. Sorry but if you were actually to look at some evidence on these issues you would have never written this article.

    Male victims of domestic violence are incredibly vulnerable and have nowhere to go. If they call the polcie they are more often than not the ones arrested. The governemtn won't fund shelters for them and their children, and if they just leave then their kids are left to be abused a dangerous woman so that's not an option either (for example this week's NSPCC survey showed mothers abuse daughters more than fathers). Their friends will probably laugh at them and tell them to stand up for themselves, yet if a male vicitms defends themselves they go to prison isntantly. In other words there are bascially no options for male victims today other than to continue to take the abuse and beatings.

    Perhaps you think these men are few and far between and vastly outnumbered by femle vicitms but this is just feminist propaganda. Uk crime surveys repeatedly put the ratio of male to female vicitms at 40% and 60% respectively - that's over 3 million male vicitms that the govenremtn is pretending don't exist.

    On top of that, there was an even smaller difference in victims who's partner used severe force in teh last year (2.1% of women and 2% of men. I.e. many cases where the women were victims really were not too serious.

    It's fair to say the Dialy Mail article here isn't brilliant, but that's only really becasue they don't use enough stats and because they've actually donwplayed the number of male vicitms.

    The fact is that this government want to brainwash children into thinking domestic violence is a gender issue where men are the perportrators almsot every time and women the victims, yet their own statistcs compeltely and utter debunk such myths. harman wants to LIE to our children and poinen their minds with feminist propaganda, using OUR money and OUR schools and she wants to belittel the plight of millions of domestic vioelnce vicitms further by pretending they don't exist!

    To mock such a serious situation and find comedy in it is quite frankly insane at best.

    Please read up on the issue, and perhaps also the problem of flase rape allegations and I think you'll regret this post.

    All doemstic violence and absue is wrong and kids should be taught this. Lying to our children about such a serious issue is sick and quite frankly child abuse.

    Some stats here as a good place to start:

  11. Anonymous,
    No one is denying there are male victims of domestic violence. Calm down. Instead of shitting your pants because you heard someone mention that violence against women isn't very nice, why don't you channel your energy into lobbying and campaigning for your cause?
    PS, male victims defending themselves don't get "instantly" sent to jail. Get a grip.

  12. Please read up on the issue, and perhaps also the problem of flase rape allegations and I think you'll regret this post.

    I read up on it. Nah, I don't regret this post.

    You haven't given me any reason to believe that men are more likely to be the victims of domestic abuse or rape than women, so, for the time being I'll carry on believing the great feminist lie.

    Thanks for stopping by though.

  13. "You haven't given me any reason to believe that men are more likely to be the victims of domestic abuse or rape than women, so, for the time being I'll carry on believing the great feminist lie."

    Great misquote. How idiotic to pretend it is some sort of competition. Are you suggesting that once male victims reach 50.000001% we close down any support out there for women and then start pretending it is a gender issue except this time with women only every the guilty ones?- who cares if men make up 30% or 40% or 50% or 60% of victims? Each and every single one of those percentages equals millions of male domestic violence victims and millions more children. We need to help all victims regardless of gender and teach children that domestic violence can happen to anyone.

    Seeing as you enjoy your feminist lies so much I'll debunk another myth for you. Domestic violence isn't really so much about one person attacking another. That only half of all cases. The other half of cases are in fact reciprocal with two people being equally violent toward each other - it's a complicated issue. i think the fact you don't' even understand it shows why we need to be cautious in introducing such subject into schools.

    "No one is denying there are male victims of domestic violence" Well maybe not completely denying, but certainly ignoring totally, belittling and refusing to help at all. that's pretty much the same thing in my book. The government and main domestic violence charities don't' quite deny the existence of male victims, it's more of a constant suggestion and inference.

  14. Oh and I won't be lobbying for "my" cause. I believe in helping all domestic violence victims and I spend a great deal of time and energy trying to help all of them regardless of their gender - that's exactly how we got into this mess - all these people trying to get special treatment for one particular group rather than helping anyone who needs it regardless of race or gender.

  15. Who the fuck are you? Go and get a girlfriend.

  16. Didn't you get the New Right Wing Meme Memo? Librulz have successfully abolished all traces of sexism, racism and homophobia from society, so these days anything that's targeted to a specific race, gender or orientation is evil bigotry in its own right. See also: Harry Phibbs; nearly all self-proclaimed libertarians.

  17. 5 years old is far too young to be teaching kids about this. The same time they are given sex education would be a good time to broach this subject. The namby pamby brigade needs to get some perspective, what next, teaching kids not to be mass murderers in playschool?

  18. Yes, that is next, along with 'Why genocide isn't cool' classes for expectant mothers.

    Where will it end?!?!?!!!??.."#?