Friday 28 August 2009

Semi-regular Littlejohn comment watch

I don't really want to cover the fruit porn story again, but I would like to quickly draw your attention to the comment thread on 'Father's outrage over Maoam wrapper', which appears to have been left entirely unmoderated, resulting in comments mentioning The Quail, Enemies of Reason and even MailWatch, and about 300 others laughing at the Mail for running what is very probably a spoof letter.

Is this what all Mail comment threads would look like without any form of moderation?

Nobody at the Mail was available to comment last night on suggestions that as much as 95% of traffic to MailOnline is comprised of piss-takers, and that the other 5% is very probably made up of lost web surfers looking for Lily Allen nip-slip pics and Peaches Geldof upskirts.

Moving on to today's Littlejohn word ejaculation, in which he ungeniously compares New Labour to the Big Brother house, and the comments underneath aren't quite as informed as on the hot fruit love piece.

John from Wales says, 'TO QUOTE A WELL KNOWN PHRASE YOU COULDNT MAKE IT UP', while 'grannygrump' from Bolton chimes in, 'To use one of your phrases, Richard, YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP!' - both somewhat ironic given that Littlejohn has quite clearly made this up. It's a satire, so it has been literally made up. Even Littlejohn would admit that in the process of writing about 'housemate' Blair and gay contestant 'Mandy', he had to, by definition, make it up. Or do John and grannigrump actually believe that New Labour's base of operations is the Big Brother house?

We were, however, delighted to learn that our own comment was allowed through (without editing this time!) despite getting the columnist's name wrong, expressing our inability to understand the article, mis-spelling 'Nu Lab', using a ridiculous amount of exclamatory punctuation, rambling absurdly off topic, and mentioning that Richard isn't even a British citizen:

Remember, kids: Littlejohn's columns are still pre-moderated. Someone actually decided that the above would meaningfully add to the debate.

Equally pleasing was to find esteemed comment stalwart Bob Roberts only a few positions above, who braved 242 red arrows to deconstruct 'John's' article rather nicely:

Good work Bob.


  1. I'm with Coffeebuck, I want Bob Robert's babies.

  2. I've noticed Bob Roberts post quite a few comments on Littlejohn stories before. He really takes on the idiots who usually post there but of course the sheer number of morons makes it very difficult for him to win an argument. You can't argue with someone who shoves their fingers in their ears and yells, "LALALALALA!"

  3. A bit like wrestling with pigs: you both get covered in shit, but the pigs like it.

    But yeah, Bob's the man. Bob Roberts for PM!

  4. Jamie, the sexy fruit article has a comment demanding the very same from 'Reginald'...

  5. AlfredTurningstone29 August 2009 at 00:40

    Yeah but in all honesty the fruit do look a little bit like they're up to something :)

  6. yeah same victoria, i have seen bob roberts about before, and his crusade always brings a smile!