Thursday 27 August 2009

Hidden MailOnline code discovered; Hackers blamed for depraved vandalism

A shocking conspiracy to use the Daily Mail's website to send subliminal homoerotic messages into unsuspecting readers' homes has been uncovered.

Web vandals - possibly leftist hackers from the shadowy 'Liberal Conspiracy' cyber terrorist forum - appear to have infiltrated MailOnline by capitalising apparently random words in headlines on the Mail's frontpage. Believing them to be have been simply picked at random by a poorly trained sub-editor, readers are completely oblivious to their sickening true nature.

An expert from the internet said: 'There's no other explanation for such random - some would say amateurish - use of the upper-case. Either it's a hideous lefty plot to bring down The Mail, or their caps lock is broken.'

Analysis of the Mail's homepage last night revealed the following capitalised words:

Readers have been warned to remain vigilent for further cases of sick capital letter hijacking.

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