Sunday 7 June 2009

Bum bashers steal Bible basher's child

Monstrous gays have captured yet another small child as part of an ongoing campaign to homosexualise our nation's youth.

The ten year old choirboy was snatched by the brazen pooves in collusion with Brighton & Hove council, which has a shameful track record in supplying same sex couples with young children to feed on.

The boy's mother, a devout Catholic, is 'furious' that her son has been placed into the care of 'wrong 'uns', as she believes they will 'encourage him into a lifestyle against her religious beliefs'.

It is understood that the strictly Catholic lifestyle that she had encouraged him into wasn't all that successful itself - the child was taken into care after the woman suffered a mental breakdown and was deemed unable to provide a safe and loving environment. Adoption services were also concerned that her Catholic marriage had descended into abusive chaos that could threaten the child's emotional development and well being.

But the mother's devout Catholic lawyer has raised 'concerns' over the new arrangement, presumably because living with sinful gays who will go to hell for sodomy is a whole lot worse than with a mentally unstable mother who, by her own admission, cannot look after her children.

'I have to ask, would a local authority put a ten-year-old atheist child into a devoutly Catholic home? I think not. This local authority is clearly not taking account of this child’s cultural and religious identity, which it is obliged to do legally', the religious lawgiver said portentously.

The parish priest, shockingly, is also said to be deeply concerned.

Taking time out from exorcising daemons at a local male-only late night bar, he said: ‘This isn’t about a gay couple in a private home, this is about a gay couple running a hotel where they also live, where they cannot restrict who the child is going to meet. That’s my anxiety’. It is thought that queers running hotels are up to 700% more dangerous than those who don't provide accommodation services to the public.

A local bell-ringer added: 'It's absolutely disgusting that this loony liberal council is putting the needs of the child above the wishes of the sick mother. The boy should be given over to the care of the Catholic church, which has a fine track record in taking care of children.'

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