Friday 12 June 2009

Megan Fox not hot enough for the Mail


Look at this rank bitch, isn't she gross?

Eurgh! What a total, like, loser with her barely noticeably over-wide thumb! That's enough to put anyone off, right? She's, like, not perfect, the skank!

'Transformers actress Megan Fox is not entirely flawless', Daily Mail reporter intoned last night. 'As the picture [above] clearly shows, the 23-year-old beauty has a clubbed thumb on her right hand....On close inspection, Megan's thumb almost looks more like a toe - although that hasn't held her back in her career.'

Because, y'know, she just wouldn't be where she is today if the casting people had noticed that disgusting thumb.

Remember girls: if you have any part of your body that even hints at anything less than Venusian perfection, The Mail will know - and you'll probably be held back in your career.

Best just to stay indoors churning those sprogs out in front of the ironing board, 'k?


  1. She also has massive overbite. Look into that.

  2. Who cares! Our creator made ALL of us imperfect.