Monday 15 June 2009

Passive aggressive sub editing

Sub-editor's log, 11.30 PM - 13th June 2009:

It's late. I've been hounded by Lord Paul to tidy up some rubbish by Beth Hale about Foxy Knoxy again. Why can't these flaming hacks write their own damned captions FFS?

Mind's blank and I've had a few too many mojitos to think straight. Used up all my half-arsed photo comments on that other piece that completely contradicted this one. And I'm way too distracted by that growth on her top lip to come up with anything else.

Sod it, nobody'll notice.

8.45 AM - 14th June:

Shit-cakes! I'm such a tool! Dacre's on the warpath, says my 'c***ing c***t's on the c*** b*****ing line if I leave any more c***ing captions blank!'

Let's go to town on this one.


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