Friday, 19 June 2009

Mail readers approve of gypsies standing where they can see them

Proposals to reduce pickpocketing in GP's surgeries by forcing gypsies to stand where people can see them have met with a chorus of approval from Daily Mail readers.

Patients queuing in NHS surgeries had expressed concern that travellers and immigrants standing behind them created an 'uncomfortable' atmosphere because you just can't tell what they're doing back there. Nigel, from Berkton, said: 'You can't be too careful. Pickpocketing is a way of life for pikeys, so letting them stand behind us is political correctness gone beserk. They should be in front where we can see what they're up to.'

In a definitive poll, 94% of people said they supported NHS measures to make thieving gypsies jump queues of vulnerable patients who might otherwise be robbed. However, future Prime Minister Richard Littlejohn expressed concern that the guidelines might allow members of the travelling community access to the same level of healthcare that everyone else has, costing the British taxpayer tens of pounds in the process.

Littlecockjohn said: 'While it doesn't directly affect an American resident like myself, I object to the fundamental principle of equality for those who are different to me. What have The Tarmacing Community ever done to deserve so-called 'human rights?'

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