Monday 1 June 2009

Mail plumbs depths of poor taste

From the newspaper that brought you those stunning paparazzi shots of grief-stricken David and Samantha Cameron at the funeral of their six year old son...

...followed a dying cancer patient through every last excruciating minute of her life whilst condemning others for doing the same...

...and always has the hottest shots of young teen girls for middle-aged readers to gawp at...

Follow the amazing private life of the woman kept prisoner for 24 years and raped 3,000 times by her own father - your new favourite celebrity (because everyone's sick of Susan Boyle now, right?) LizFritz!

Want to know who she's dating? What her kids are most afraid of? How she spent Mother's Day? And a whole load of other astonishingly intrusive stuff that only the most cynical newspaper would publish?

All this and more in the Daily Mail!


  1. That last tour de force was brought to you by journalistic powerhouse Julie Moult. We truly are blessed.

  2. Julie Moult, taking journalism to its absolute nadir since...well, since she became a journalist.


  3. Scott Mitchell2 June 2009 at 12:27

    I'm 36 and I can't look at any pics of Emma Watson or Miley Cyrus without cringing or feeling like "a bit of a paedo" ...

    Remember when Charlotte Church won Rear Of The Year at age 16? (They must have been watching her arse since 15)

    A source, who I cannot name, said that the Sun, Daily Mail et al know *exactly* what they are doing, printing pics of barely legal kids in state of undress and may be pandering to perverts and nonce cases.

  4. I just love the Quail.

    Says with satire what would take hours to explain.


  5. just failed to leave a comment, technolgy is gay.
    Loved it though chap.