Saturday 20 June 2009

Glen Jenvey says Daily Mail responsible for 'collapse of Hamza case'

Via Dave Bones, the Quail has learned that an extradition case against claw-limbed terror crab Abu Hamza has fallen apart because of a feud between star witness Glen Jenvey and pro-Jihadist journalists at The Daily Mail.

In an open letter to respected conspiracy journal Cryptome entitled 'Hamza Case Falls Apart', Mr Jenvey - also known as Richard Tims - said: 'Due to personal unfounded attack's [sic] by the Daily Mail...I wish to withdraw my police statement taken by the anti-terrorist squad for the FBI.'

Mr Jenvey also blames sinister 'far-left bloggers' and supporters of the failing Labour Government' threatening to 'chop my head off' for his decision to withdraw barely legible written evidence against Hamza previously submitted to US anti-terror agencies. The bloggers and Labourites remain as yet unidentified, but it is thought that they are extremely bad real people.

Jenvey's explosive documents almost certainly contained things that would probably have busted the lid wide open on a whole bunch of crap and that all manner of hell stands to be unleashed now the explosive statements have been retracted; Jenvey has previously exposed such such atrocities as a terror plot against Sir Alan Sugar and a horrifying letter-writing campaign against British Jews that The Sun, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail all covered enthusiastically.

Following the Mail's smear campaign against him, however, it appears Jenvey has denounced his ex-MI5 super spy credentials in favour of talking with high-profile Islamists - possibly with the intention of forming some kind of 'Infinite Justice League' of crusading crime fighters against corrupt British institutions. He said in a statement: 'I was so infuriated by the Daily Mail and the bloggers that I phoned Anjem Choudhary yesterday and he wants me to meet him. I won’t go into the details of what we discussed.'

A source close to Choudhary said: 'It's nothing big. Anjem and Glen have a mutual love of online roleplaying fantasy games and he wanted to discuss skills with him.'

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