Thursday, 4 June 2009

Why the BNP hate Britain

You may be surprised to learn that the last thing The Quail wants is for you to vote for the British Nazi Party (BNP).

Afterall, we appear to have a number of things in common. We both believe that immigration is a really scary thing and will eat your children, that people with skin darker than our own palid complections are not to be trusted and that the Earth is a flat disk resting on a giant tower of space turtles stacked one on top of the other, a billion miles high. The scientifically minded amongst you may ask: But what does the turtle at the bottom stand on? Well that doesn't matter right now.

What does matter is that the BNP are marginalised in today's European and local elections.

To guide you on your misinformed ventures through the turgid wasteland that is European and local politics, we will be taking a look today at the BNP's recently published 10 reasons why you should vote for them instead of an actual political party.

Reason 1: Workfare not Welfare - BNP Housing and Welfare Policy.

The BNP believes that everyone who claims benefits is a scrounging scumbag. Under a BNP Government, anyone claiming that they are unable to work would be forced to 'complete a certain number of hours of work per week', presumably by some kind of modern day Gulag. A bit like Stalin's Russia. It seems that the BNP is a fan of Stalinst welfare.

And how would the BNP generate funds to build these totalitarian Utopian labour camps? Ah, well by 'ensuring that the billions being spent on the utterly bogus asylum seeker and immigration swindles is redeployed' of course. Obviously, a lot of that money goes towards tracking down, processing and deporting illegal immigrants at the moment, so by redeploying it, a BNP Government would in fact be allowing a greater number of immigrants to remain in Britain.

If anyone comes to this country as a refugee or asylum seeker because their life is at risk in their country of origin, they will not be given housing or financial help in Britain. Instead, they will be sent back to die, be tortured, persecuted or whatever. The BNP doesn't care.

We may disapprove of foreign people, but saying they should bugger off to die is a bit much.

Reason 2: British Soldiers Defending Britain - BNP Defence Policy.

One of the first things the BNP would do if elected would be to stage an almighty witch hunt against anyone and everyone connected with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Regardless of your opinion of those particular conflicts, locking up your political opponents seems a bit too Stalinist (again) for our taste.

The BNP is also keen on never committing British forces to
'any conflict which does not directly affect British interests'. Presumably this vague statement means the BNP would not deploy troops unless another country - the French most likely - were to turn up on our shores waving dirty big sticks and threatening to invade Parliament. This brand of isolationism would in fact weaken Britain's position as a global power, damage international relations and lead to an increase in indirect threats to national security through the destabilisation of foreign countries where anti-Western sentiment runs particularly high. The BNP would, therefore, spell disaster for Britian's security.

Unsurprisingly, the BNP would also seek an end to British involvement in peacekeeping in war-torn countries. Aside from the clear contempt for human life that isn't white skinned or British, isolating oneself from problems overseas increases the risk of political and military volatility which could indirectly pose a threat to our country.

Reason 3: First Class Health Service for a First World Nation - BNP Health Policy.

"TB and AIDS are on the increase as a result of immigration", say the BNP. There is no evidence for this whatsoever. The BNP may be horrified to find that TB and AIDS would still be a problem even if immigration was to be completely prevented.

"British doctors and nurses are unable to find work in the NHS because we are importing medical staff (often with questionable qualifications) from the Third World". If Britain was to stop hiring medical staff from abroad, the NHS would face a catastrophic recruitment shortage. Foreign doctors do not have questionable qualifications. If you want less doctors and nurses in the NHS, and more death and disease, vote BNP.

BNP health policy is to 'Replace 100,000 NHS bureaucrats with doctors, nurses and dentists'. There is already a recruitment crisis in the NHS. The BNP want to further reduce the number of doctors in Britain by preventing non-British doctors working here. Can you see the inherent flaw in the BNP's logic?

The BNP wants you to get sick and die. Even The Quail doesn't want that.

Reason 4: Nurturing the Genius of Our Nation’s Youth - BNP Education Policy.

The BNP say '“Citizenship” lessons are a euphemism for political indoctrination.' Instead, they should be replaced with BNP Citizenship lessons where, presumably, people will learn how to wear jackboots and distrust people who look different to them.

Children should be caned. 'Old fashioned literacy' and 'old fashioned maths' should be reintroduced, whatver they are. Have a look at any BNP supporting website or blog to see how trendy modern teaching methods have failed; they can't spell or construct an argument for shit.

A cool new version of the Hitler youth led by Billy Brit should be introduced into Britain, according to the BNP. "The introduction of a compulsory Community Award Scheme for all school-leavers to teach them work ethics and social and community values. This would consist of work caring for the elderly or handicapped people, or environmental or heritage restoration projects, or military training."

We can't say we really agree with conscription, beating children and compulsory brainwashing. Sounds a tad Nazi, and not very good for Britain. We don't want other countries pointing and laughing at us do we?

Reason 5: Restoring the Rule of Law - The BNP’s Crime and Justice Policy.

A simple one. The BNP would reintroduce everybody's favourite spectator sport, executions, and put an end to 'political correctness' within the police force, somehow [unspecified, not an actual policy or framework, just a vague set of ideals that may or may not have been drawn up on the back of a fag packet]

Of course, such strict measures only apply to non BNP members. The BNP are in fact big fans of crime and corruption; just ask Robert Bailey about his inability to drive while sober, or Nick Griffin about his convictions for assault and race hate, or Richard Barnbrook about murder.

BNP crime and justice policies would make Britain the convict pit of Europe. We don't want to be the new Australia now.

Reason 6: Preserving British Identity - The British National Party’s Immigration Policy.

Wahey! Here's what it's all about! The panacea for all of Britain's ills.

The BNP would deport everybody who isn't white, whose family hasn't lived here for several hundred years. This would prevent anything bad from ever happening, rectify everything bad that has ever happened, and probably cost nothing at all.

Oh, wait. Is that it? Is that 'the big plan'? To get rid of everyone? But...that...doesn't make any sense. Surely it can't be that the one, single idea that the BNP actually have makes no sense whatsoever and could never be implemented?

It is? Oh. Sounds a bit Fascist. I was expecting something a little more engaging.

Reason 7: How the BNP Will Rebuild Britain’s Economy.

'Protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports...promotion of domestic competition...Increased taxes on companies which outsource work abroad'. This worked really well in the early 20th century, so the BNP will be reintroducing protectionism to ensure that Britain never recovers from recession.

Want to buy a Sony TV? You can't. Like Italian food? Well, it'll cost you. But fish and chips will be a couple of pence cheaper...oh wait, no it won't because Britain doesn't have enough fisheries to sustain demand. Hmm.

We can't condone the BNP's uber-socialist economic policies on the grounds that they're just too darn Red.

Reason 8: Britain First - The Simple Logic of BNP Foreign Affairs Policy.

'Simple' is the operative word in the BNP's 'Foreign Affairs Policy', which actually just consists of not having any affairs with foreigners.

This is classic BNP non-politics; policy which proposes nothing, relying instead on simply doing the opposite of whatever it is the mainstream parties would do. BNP policy is devised not by formulating plans or generating ideas, but by taking current strategy and saying 'Nah'.

This is anti-politics, anti-integration, regressive and harmful to our country, and betrays an inability to seriously run a political party, let alone a country. Mr Griffin and his cohorts have not the faintest idea of how Europe or indeed any international relations work, evidenced by their pie-in-the sky, unworkable soundbite policy points (all *cough* four of them)

Reason 9: The BNP Is Britain’s Most Democratic Party.

Tee hee! Only kidding. The BNP actually hates democracy. Invented by those slimy Greeks wasn't it.

The BNP would 'Abolish “anti-discrimination” laws' and 'abolish the “Human Rights Act”' if it were to be elected. Yep, it's pretty much all a case of abolishing things and taking away peoples' liberties. 'Britain's most democratic party'! Hahahaha, just kidding!

Reason 10: The BNP is Britain’s Only True Green Party.

See, the BNP couldn't really think of a tenth one. 'Free ice creams for all?' was suggested, along with making the North Sea strawberry flavoured. 'Nah, let's say some wank about the environment to try and get a couple of sandal-wearers on board', said Nick.

But they couldn't really think of anything other than 'the BNP is the only party to recognise that overpopulation - whose primary driver is immigration - is the cause of the destruction of our environment.'

Not corporate irresponsibility. Not fossil fuels. Not anything to do with cars! It's the immigrants again. So really this one is covered off in Reason 6: stop all immigration and you save the environment! Bam, done.

Oh, and also, ban halal and kosher stuff because that probably causes carbon dioxide or something too.


So there you have it. The BNP's 10 reasons to vote for them don't really make any sense. At all.

Being the staunch nationalists that we are here at The Quail, we couldn't possily recommend voting for this viciously anti-British party. Their ideas would actively harm Britain, corrode our national security, weaken our economy, destroy our health service, bring our welfare system to its knees. Even if you're a fat faced, sweaty, knuckle dragging, racist shit, you'd still be better of voting for someone who won't ruin your country. You can vote Tory or Labour and still be a racist moron; they won't stop you.

If you wish to protest against the excesses and corruption of the current Government, do so. Vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat, indeed, vote for anyone who has policies that MAKE. SENSE. The BNP have absolutely no idea how to run a party, let alone a country.

Don't vote for a party whose only actual policy is to get rid of people who don't have white skin. Afterall, who could you complain about then and blame for taking your house, wife and job? And even The Mail knows they don't really do that anyway.

If you love this country, you won't vote for the British Nazi Party.


  1. I take great umbrage at your Australian slur. We aren't all convicts, there are some fine and upstanding citizens amongst our ranks, including eminent philospher...ah, who am I kidding? While you were reading this, I stole your wallet, the pie you had cooling on the windowsill and several rashers of bacon from your fridge. Sorry.

  2. Well, at least you apologised, ya great big dingo.

    That Kevin Rudd fella never said sorry for weeing in my hat this one time.

  3. Corect?. The BNP are worthless. They are full of bullsh*t wannabee patriots that want to live and rivel in their own sh*t. But hey, what do i know? im 15 ! But i still hate em. Plus. they cant really do anything they that the say in their policies, they just cnt change the way we *Humans think . Kudos anywyz, Mr. T,

  4. You may only be 15 but you still know an awful lot more than the 920,000 morons who voted BNP in the EU elections.

  5. Grand post.

    Unfortunately some 900,000 people don't live the UK and voted for the shithawks.

  6. Bloody wankers. Not just the bnp (they are beyond wankers)but the people who voted for them.

    Some of them, as Daniel up here said, voted from abroad. Fucking hipocrits. Positively moronic. would,(if the bnp ever wins a general election),the countries teeming with the great old i'm-so-proud-of-being-british-but-can't-be-bothered-to-live-there-because-britain-is-shite, would they have to be re-patriated? would they want to?

  7. I meant to say love the UK, although the typo meant I made a point about postal ballots from stay away Nazis.


  8. Oh and i forgot to mention on my "bloody wankers" post, because if i don't i will explode metaphorically.
    I can't believe that the majority actually voted for them because they were angry.
    Sorry but when i'm angry, i either scream at a pillow, kick a door or blog. I don't just bloody vote for a fascist party!

  9. Re the above attack on Workfare, Workfare schemes are widespread in North America and Europe. Presumably all advocates of Workfare are fascist, neo-Nazi, xenophobic, anti-semitic, Nazi, fascist, fascist, Nazi scumbags?

    Re the above claim that there is no evidence that TB is largely caused by immigrants, those who claim "there is no evidence of X,Y or Z" are asking to be ridiculed. Has the above claimant read everything ever writton on TB? Clearly not, because Anthony Browne wrote something for Civitas setting out some good evidence on the origins on TB in the UK, and its immigrants. Aids is a different kettle of fish.

  10. Two things Ralph:

    The piece is a clever bit of satire which seems to have past you by as you take it very, very seriously and the second thing is no one said all advocates of workfare are Nazi's, just the BNP are.

    As for blaming diseases on immigrants, it's all a bit 20th century that isn't it? A bit backward?

    And Civitas should always be kept at arms length.

  11. Ralph, I've changed my mind. Actually I think you cause TB.

    Oh, and no, I haven't read 'everything ever written on TB'. That would be quite a lot of reading.

  12. Labour and torys stole africas doctors and nurse's, labour started a war for what?, labour lock up and ban other political party members from certain jobs, labour let out murderers, peadophilles and rapists so the can commit again.(oh im sorry they do get a hard slap on the wrist) once you all pull your heads out your asses you might see that.
    the E.U is illegal anyone know you's in charge of the E.U and who voted them in?
    its strange you all make all these claims about the BNP but there is a whole world of shit and corruption that the people in power now have caused yet you mention nothing why? do you not care? are you part of it? what will it take your child to be killed or raped by someone who should have been in prison?
    You say the BNP will do this and do that, their scum. wheres the blame for the mentioned above?

  13. And please reply with answers not retoric or correcting my grammer. and please leave out insults your supposed to be "better" than the BNP arnt you? maybe this forum's full of UAF and searchlite members? UAF ha ha unite against facism by being the biggest facist since the nazis, going out attaking people because of their views tut tut, gestapo??? by the way you do know that muslims helped the nazis dont you? Handchar for one ive only been looking into it for a couple of years yet i seem to know more than any of you that claim to know what you are on about. i want to help the world maybe you do aswell but you all seem to be so wrapped up in insulting the BNP and making false claims against them, it seems that all of you are brain washed you say you have the answers but cannot explain how you came to them a bit like subliminal messaging you have an idea but no reason behind it, if you cannot explain you thoughts and feelings then there not yours...sorry.

  14. P.S if you want to read the BNP's policies just go on the site dont get it from a third party bias which i ued to i thought the same things about the BNP as you did but checked myself then i took ten steps back looked at the whole world and everyone in it and then made my choice to vote, there's no room in this world for a multicultural system it just dosent work look at america for example, by law of nature one will surpass all eventually which spells the end for the others, history teaches this well. one question if the western world adopts multicultralism and the rest of the world dosent what happens to western culture? and yes we do have a culture a culture of freedom where every one can do whatever a be whoever they want we dont all have to go to church or mosque or sinegog together to have a culture. it will go if we dont protect it but im sure intelligent people like you all ready knows this. i leave it at that.

    Millions have died for this culture and freedom yet you lot might aswell go take a shit on the nearest memorial.

  15. Anonymous BNP party member:

    You are hilarious but what I want to know is, what an earth are you doing up at 3am in the morning reading a satirical Daily Mail pastiche, leaving three rambling coments back to back, when clearly you'd much rather be blaming everything on the blacks...


  16. Hi Anonymous. Decent of you to comment using your real name. I'm always impressed by how willing the BNP are to show up and talk utter shite while hiding behind anonymity.

    Let's go through this point by point (although I'm quite aware you probably aren't ever going to return to discuss anything properly)

    Labour and Tory stole Africa's doctors and nurses

    Nobody 'stole' anyone. Doctors and nurses made the decision to come here. A large number of British doctors and nurses actually spend time in Africa too, many as electives shortly after graduating.

    Labour lock up and ban other party political members from certain jobs and free murderers, rapists and paedophiles

    Which party members are these? You seem to be accusing Labour of creating a totalitarian state and yet there's no evidence of this at all. As for freeing murderers, rapists and paedophiles, I assume you mean they're freed after serving lengthy jail terms and placed under surveillance, tagged and registered on the sex offenders register? Well, yes. In this country people aren't generally locked away until death or executed. That's how it works.

    The EU is illegal and we don't know who is in charge

    The EU isn't illegal. Under which law is it illegal? As for who voted them, we did. By voting for it. Who's in charge? Jerzy Buzek is. Google his name to find out more.

    You do know that Muslims helped the Nazis don't you?

    You do know that the Nazis where white people don't you? Muslims as a people did not help the Nazis, that's just made up silliness.

    If you want to read the BNP's policies just go the site don't get it from a third party

    This is your biggest fail, Anon. Every single link in my post is to the BNP's policy section on THEIR website. I spent several hours trawling through it to write this. You know those blue words with a line with a line underneath them up there ^ ? They're links. Click them. Everything written up there is based on what the BNP themselves said and nothing more. The point of this post is that the BNP's policies are absolutely unworkable, regardless of whether you're a racist, BNP member, Labour or Tory. The BNP would destroy Britain.

    Lastly, I'd love to know where you get all your information from. Did you make it up? Or did you read it in the Daily Mail? It might pay to be a little more critical of what you're reading in future. Oh, and actually read it before passing judgement/commenting anonymously.

  17. Dan hoffman.
    what would you do with my name?
    A;Reason why im up so late, lost job and now have a bit of a nocturnal sleeping pattern. if i was rambling please give counter arguments and leave out the insults (it may be hard but try)why would i blame anything on "blacks" when im obviously blaming "whites" for the situations i seem so firm on you convictions but still no info.
    Jamie sport.
    A;technically we did not steal thier doctors and nurses no, but they need them desperately why do they pay our doctor's more so nurse sod all really decreasing the demand for the job because in this expensive country it aint economically profitable for the individual to mount up the debts of training and what not to end in a life of debt, im sure the people of Africa would consider it stealing expecially since they know we fully capable of training our own, its not fair on them, is it? how can they cope/develop as a nation
    Banning other political partys
    Doesent the police/millatary and other public sectors scrutanise against bnp membership?
    Locking up
    You should pay more attention to what the police have done i hae seen videos of the police harrasing and eventually taking a man into custudy for distributing leaflets (it was even the armed response unit) the camera dosent lie.
    And please do not think that people are not given sod all for their crimes, what about that man (forgive me i cant remember his name) who butchered those to french students, he was let out even tho the new he was a danger, have you seen a pic of peter sutcliffe the york-ripper he's looking pretty fat isnt he how?/why? is this person being treated so well? in fact the last i heard their getting him a personal trainer to help him lose weight. and to say these things are a one off you would have to be pretty naieve wouldnt you?

  18. The E.U
    Is a direct contradiction to the magna carta is it not? do we vote for the laws they make up? did we get are refferendum? maybe you should look into it a bit more? if its good for us why all the shadow movements has anyone(public) seen the lisbon treaty or even had it explained? i was to young to see the beggining but it is not democracy is it!!
    The Nazis and Islam
    So the the nazi's were white yet they killed other white people so whats that got do with it,
    Watch these in fact look at the profile of the person who put the video up "GHASSA" im sure he could inform you of the Nazi and Islamic connection (by the way he is muslim himself)
    youtube these MUFTI FRIEND HITLER
    Another thing you might want to check out.
    islamic slave trade
    your rather retoric and self opinionated view on the policies are unfounded hasent a new strain of TB been imported? you think its wrong to get people who are well enough to work but dont wont to should be forced to work, i cant see the fault with that. and people from war torn countries cross god knows how many safe countrys to get to us Britain is the last point of europe from east to west why us? the rest i cant even be bothered to counter comment because they are just your unfounded opinions not really based on what is said, sorry but i cant.
    Where i get my information from?
    Absolutley every source i can find despite what you may think i am not a member of the bnp nor been personally to a meeting tho i have tried to find out where one is to get a proper fist hand view, tho i dont suppose you have either have you. when i see a bit of information that seems a bit out of this world or sureal i keep looking and looking and looking till i exhaust all place's i could get the infomation from if i find a contradicting argument i look that up ask about untill i can prove or disprove both sides of the argument, im not silly, but sometimes when you hear it from the horses mouth ie "GHASSA" and his other friends and i look at the world in front of me and then check the history books and listen to lecturers/teachers ive been on islamic sites for muslims,ive asked countless people what things used to be like and for god's sake untill i can be proven wrong and please please do because these facts arent to taken lightly and they do trouble my mind sometimes so if someone could prove them wrong i would call them my saviour! no bull!
    i would like to know where you get your info from

  19. I see you never argued the about what i said about the U.A.F or searchlite why is that?

  20. Why didn't I argue what you said about the UAF or Searchlite? I didn't feel the need to. There's no reason to think this blog or I have any connection to them or indeed any organisation.

    The EU is not a contravention of the Magna Carta. The two are completely unrelated. The former is a twentieth century international organisation, the latter is a set of 13th Century laws which have mostly been repealed now anyway. It's a bit like saying brown hair is a contravention of Finland; there's no relevance at all. As for the Lisbon Treaty, well I don't wish to sound patronising, but Google is your friend. There's lots of info available. There isn't some shadowy organisation at work, as much as you might like to believe there is.

    As far as voting on EU law, yes we do. We vote for representatives in the EU parliament (including Griffin and Brons) who then vote on our behalf. That's how democracy works: generally elected representatives vote for the populace on its behalf.

    As for 'how can Africa develop as a nation?', well yes that's an important issue and it's the reason why the UK sends millions of pounds worth of aid each year. It surprises me that you are so concerned with the development and stability of Africa given that the BNP wish to stop all foreign aid. As mentioned above, their foreign policy would see nothing given to Africa. How would Africa develop then? Do you actually care?

    This Ghassa bloke you mention is a conspiracy theorist. A fantasist. Not quite there. You originally said 'Muslims helped the Nazis'. There's no evidence of this. Furthermore, to smear an entire people because you've read about/are scared of the tiny minority of extremists is the height of ignorance. Maybe you should look into Islam a bit more?

    As for political parties being banned, I'm afraid that just doesn't happen here. The BNP are allowed to run as a legitmate party despite their overtly racist policies and desire to see things happen that, at the moment, are actually illegal.

    Incidentally, although we may disagree on what appears to be absolutely everything, I appreciate you actually discussing these things in a (relatively) sensible manner. It sounds like you're not completely convinced by the BNP, which is good. Please remember, just because you might not agree with or approve of some things as they are, there's no need to turn to extremism. The BNP are extremists. They do not represent a viable alternative to anything.

  21. What Anon's driving at is Hitler's relationship with Grand Mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni. That was very real: he even tried to recruit Muslims for the Nazi cause. For all Anon's fears, though, few were willing to join him.

  22. Extreamism is a matter of opinion based on your own thoughts and beliefs.
    Ive got ask how is this ghassa a conspiracy theorist when theres no theory he gives just video, there is more to watch and see, dont give me smearing an entire people because a minority as a white male we get tarred with the brush of history endlessly! did you look at the Islamic slave trade?
    On the contrary Ben six tho im glad you are not in the dark about this matter, the matter which is driving round the bend, he did have a lot of support, the balkans is where it was at, please look further,question, why if all muslims follow the teachings of muhammed and the koran (word of god) why do we see around the world thousands yes thousands of terror attacks carried out in the name of islam, why when they behead someone on camera are they reading from the koran? Sura 9:29 is one to start at.i know there is moderate muslims but as the president of turkey said "there is no moderate islam" why has saudi arabia the birthplace of islam not spoke up once nor helped to get rid of these extremist surely the tarnishing the name of islam if you are correct, the same could be said about moderate muslims around the world! their silence says 1.6 billion words for me how about you?
    The fact is for me when it comes down to it its either Islam=which wouldnt care unless i was muslim, or the BNP that would care for everything i stand for now. As the old saying goes choose the lesser of two evils. i think i have exhausted all i can say on the matter, just take your advice dont believe everything you hear from this so called goverment and BBC because the all say the BNP tell lies, yet they havent stopped lying since the start. when they can tell me what lies they are and disprove what the BNP say then i can believe them when they say it, thats fair isnt it should be to hard according to them so why the delay?

  23. Thank you jamie atleast you are willing to debate.

  24. You've hit on a crucial element of the debate Anon. Believing it's a case of either Islam or the BNP is a false dichotomy.

    Terrorism is, of course, a terrible thing that we should strive to eradicate, but it is not inherantly associated with Islam. Terrorism has existed for millennia and to this day comes in a variety of shades (the IRA for example). Automatically equating Islam with terrorism or extremism is just plain unfounded; I know many Muslims and to even begin to think that they are anything less than horrified at their religion being associated with the tiny minority of fanatics is utterly insulting. There is nothing to be afraid of Islam itself, only of extremists. All religions have their fare share of extremists - to claim it is the fault of the religion, not the individual, it wrong.

    The BNP play on peoples' misguided fear of Islam. This is entirely cynical: they used to mainly target Jews for criticism but switched to Islam when it became a talking point after 9/11. Contrary to what you might think, they do not care about what you stand for. They tell you that they do because that is the way they market themselves, but in reality, the BNP would in fact severely damage Britain. Their foreign and domestic policies would both make Britain a melting pot of unrest, disorder and violence, not to mention a target for extremists of many different faiths.

  25. Arnt we we already at a melting pot of unrest, disorder and violence? arent we already a target for extreamist?
    You should check out the news in france.
    Youmust live in a very peacefull part of britain.......stay there!
    This goverment has abandond us, it was this goverment that opened the door and attacked muslims countrys for no reason, where is bin laden? why would we go to afghanistan when the terrorist from 9/11 came from saudi arabia? i ask the question again why havent saudi arabia said or done anything, i appreciate your willingness to debate this issue properly i do, the extreamist bottom line want sharia law implimented across the world, i for one would rather die then live in a world with sharia law, a world where being homosexual is a crime punishable by death a world where speaking your mind will result in death a world where women are treated like dirt, a world where peadophilla is legal!!! RE Waffa Saltan again videos leaked on youtube you should have a look, another video from Sahid Malik a labour MP which was not shown on TV because of what he said instead it was leaked on the internet 5 months later, you may remember him from the expenses claims when he defended his right to claim a £4000 home cinema system he dipicts very clearly what he wants for Britain, and i dont like it! to make it clear i do not mind a multi-ethnic britain i have a problem with a multi-cultural britain, britain is for british culture, and such is every other countries right to keep there culture, multi-cultralism is flawed ideology, anyone who dissagrees with it are not racist as they so have you believe and have ingrained so hard into people's heads as the worst of all crimes, they brainwashed us into believing their way or be known as a racist its a almost flawless system that i for one do not want to be apart of. the BNP are the option for me, i mean look at this country and its leaders, what on earth could the BNP do that'll make it worse. bearing in mind the video of Shahid Malik.

  26. No, we're not already at a melting point for unrest, disorder and violence. We're actually quite safe at the moment, not that you'll believe it because you seem to get all your facts from rightwing media. And I live in London, since you ask.

    Yes, one thing that extremists have said is that they want to see Sharia and Islam in general across the world. To be quite honest, it's getting tiresome pointing out over and over again that extremists make up a tiny minority and to tar Muslims in general with the same brush is just plain misguided. It's like calling all Christians murderers because of the Crusades.

    As for asking 'what on earth could the BNP do that would make Britain worse'...seriously? I feel like I'm just repeating myself here. Their policies WOULD NOT WORK. Aside from being a racist and generally thuggish party, they simply wouldn't be able to run a country. That's the last time I'm going to cover it; I discussed it at length in my main post as well as here in the comments and you still refuse to accept it. Siding with a party whose published policies would destroy the country just because you're annoyed at MP's claiming £4000 for home cinema systems is ridiculous, disgraceful and ignorant.

    Perhaps the reason you support such an absurd non-party is quite simple: you don't like other races. Perhaps I'm wasting my time discussing the finer points of their policies, of current affairs, of world politics. I guess for some people, it just doesn't matter. I'm starting to get the impression you just don't want to see the reality of it, so convinced are you by The Mail, The Express, rightwing websites and Youtube videos. I guess it's like feeling that you're privy to some sort of big conspiracy that only a select few people are aware of.

    Wake up. Open your eyes. The world isn't falling apart, there is no melting pot of unrest. Christ man, listen to yourself.

  27. Apologies if I sound angry, but rehashing the same tired, misinformed arguments to try to justify intolerance is rather frustrating. It wouldn't take much to realise that the BNP's claims are absurd and their policies disgraceful - honestly, all you need to do is go outside. Chances are you won't get stabbed by a brown person with a beard and when you get back home there won't be a benefit-claiming Asian family squatting in your house.

  28. One day you'll see, maybe thats the only thing that will open your eye's i feel sorry for you.
    i bet you dont even go outside do you?
    An all white commuinity?
    far from the dangers of the streets, well like i said stay there.
    just for kicks if you were apolitician what would your polices be?

  29. Ok, well I guess you're just going to become angrier and increasingly personal now so time to draw a line under this.

    You're not even making sense anymore - 'an all white community?' - what?

    If you're not willing to discuss things sensibly there's no point reasoning with you. I imagine for anyone else reading this it just confirms their suspicions that BNP supporters are nothing but delusional, defensive, frightened people who avoid reality at all costs.

  30. it was you you kept bringing up the race element.
    good luck in your own little world.
    you are laughable you really are, get out listen to information without saying no, no, no your are racist blah blah blah.
    and ill say again im not with the BNP i am just curious why you hate them so much, with no actual information apart from your own facism and bigotry and misinformed (if you were ever informed in the first place) beleifs.
    it seems you are avoiding reality at all costs.
    and i will leave it there.
    you are strange jamie.

  31. Please fuck off now you odd creature.

  32. I admire your patience, Jamie. Anon, what a rambling mess of misinformed ignorance.

  33. Point 4 regarding the atrocious literacy skills of BNP cheerleaders. Well done Anon, you finely elucidated that point for us. Bravo.

  34. that was the biggest pile of shit i have ever read. shows people these days dont really understand the BNP and there actual policies. if you actually took time to sit down and read them you would see the BNP would make Britain alot better than what it is today.

  35. Isn't it surprising that someone who came here via the search term 'the BNP can make the Britain great again' left a pro-BNP comment? Nice grammar by the way.

    Bye now!

  36. I tell you something, BNP posts don't half draw some heat.

  37. Why sould I like a country with no jobs , no hope , stupid political party's who only want to create money for the rich and a crap over paid football team .
    I lived in a Romanian village in the 90's and it was great coz people seemed to enjoy themselves in a more genuine way than the English.
    BNP , What a joke , there is no Britain......

  38. I am an immigrant and not white-skinned. But I love Britain and its people (I mean indigenous British people), because, including me, it is three generations of our family (grandfather (fought in WWII) father and myself) have served this country in its armed forces. And not just because of service in its forces, I like/love British people because they have been really nice to me, whoever I have meet so far, since my arrival here. So I will never ever want this country's downfall. But I absolutely hate those people (immigrants) who are benefit-frauds, scoundrels, and lack morals. They are the ones, in essence, one of the primary causes of Britain's present state. So I just wish if the governtment really take strict measures against immigrants, for example: 1. track down illegal benefit claimants, 2. do not provide a million worth of houses to asylum seekers ever because they have many children, 3. restrict child benefit to two children only 4. do not let immigrants bear more than two children unless disabled or died 5. restrict sponsorship by immigrants to parents only, 6. scrap the law of allowing eastern europeans to be able to claim benefits on the day they step on the country 7. instantly deport illegal immigrants and fake overseas students, 8. stop being a true follower of Human Rights Act, 9. tell immigrants that are just like guests in sombody else's house so they have to be disciplined, 10. deport immigrants and their children instantly if they make any severe offences, 11. do not let non-indigenous people rise to the top, i.e. place a bar at certain level (post)in employment. As a layman, such are the ideas that come to my mind when I feel the dire situation of today's Britain. British people must think hard before they let people from third world countries to immigrate in their country, because the latter are not civilised, only mordernised, so cannot easily follow the norms of British system. Therefore, in a nutshell, despite being an immigrant, I do strongly feel that uncivilised immigrants are the main cause of Britain's problem today. In Britain, British people must come first, and never be outnumbered.

    Not all immigrants are scoundrels, but British people must now really worry about Britain in a range of issues. I will always love Britain and British people and one day I will certainly leave this country one day.